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Character Information
Clan: Daeva ••
Bloodline: Nelapsi
City: Bloomington, IN
Player: John Scott
Storyteller: VST Mark Elliott
Arthur Post.JPG

Name: Arthur Post

Clan: Daeva

Bloodline: Nelapsi

Covenant: Ordo Dracul

Status: n/a (no local court)

Notable Traits: He's about as local a Hoosier yokel as can be. He has a heavy, gruff demeanor, and a serious temper that always seems just short of dangerously loose. He dresses in heavy, often dirty clothing that conceals his form and a leather wide-brimmed hat that helps to conceal his face.

Title or Position:
Initiate of the Untamed Equilibrium (Ordo Dracul knowledge only)
Sworn of the Axe (Ordo Dracul knowledge only)
Grand Master of Indiana (Ordo Dracul knowledge only)


  • He's older than dirt, and his blood is potent enough to prove it.
  • Matthew Palmer is bad enough to deal with. But when they're together, Arthur is the "bad cop" of the two.
  • "Territorial" doesn't begin to explain it.

Information Known by Kindred Society

When the Ordo Dracul presented themselves as a covenant to other Kindred of Indiana in 1897, Arthur Post was among those who came forward. Apprently he had been living beyond the fringe of Kindred society in the area for some time in southern and central Indiana. By doing so, the Ordo Dracul asserted their long-standing claim to the Bloomington and Bedford area.

When the Carthians of Indiana extended their Imperium over the state in the early 1900s, Arthur was among those who supported cooperation over resistance for the sake of the security and continuance of the Ordo Dracul and their interests. As the Imperium mostly left Bloomington alone during its time, this worked out well for the apolitical climate of Bloomington as compared to neighboring Kindred-occupied cities.

The stability of the Imperium afforded the Dragons of the academy in Indiana consistent opportunities to continue their studies. Over the course of the 20th century, many Dragons came and went, but Arthur remained. He is now a force working to preserve the stability long enjoyed by the Ordo Dracul even as various local courts form and vie for supremacy in the wake of the Carthian Imperium.

Information Known by Ordo Dracul Only

Arthur Post full.JPG

Arthur was one of the founding members of the Indiana Academy in 1899, and he'd already been in the Bloomington area for decades before that. He even claims to predate the Civil War. He is the only Grandmaster that the Indiana Academy has had in its history of over 110 years.

In the 1980s, in a rare action outside of Indiana, he mustered all the Sworn of the Axe of Indiana and called for Unsworn volunteers, then led his force to Detroit in support of Kai Hun's call for aid in the battle of the Detroit Salt Mines in order to conquer and secure a Wyrm's Nest. Other than that major action, Arthur Post has rarely stepped outside of the State of Indiana.

As with many Axesworn, he has advanced only slowly in the Coils, and even in 2013 has only achieved 4 tiers, making him an Initiate. Given the current problems of a much less stable state after the fall of the Imperium, Arthur Post does not expect to be pursuing many more of them soon. Instead, he leads the Sworn of the Axe in Indiana toward the end of preserving the stability long enjoyed by the Ordo Dracul even as various courts vie for power and some of the other covenants in the area rattle their sabres.


By Arthur Post:

  • "We got a saying here in Bloomington that comes outta the university, but is just as good for the Ordo Dracul as we like to run it: 'Publish or die.' "
  • "Just doing my part, no more, no less."
  • "I'm cooperative as hell."

About Arthur Post:

  • "He is actually the best Daeva; the rest of 'em got it wrong." - Peyton Palmer

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OOC Information

Player Name: John Scott

MES Number: US2002023603

Location: Bloomington, IN