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"And so my good neighbors we'll drink unto thou
Besides all on earth, you have apples in store
Pray let us come in for it's cold by the door."

Arthur Stanford of Clan Malkavian

Sire: We don't speak of him. At least, not until he wakes up. He has returned. William de Lunis.
Childer: Maximillion Stanfield
Born: 1921
Embraced: 1947
Title or Position: None
Active Abiding and Innate Status: Acknowledged as a member of the Camarilla
Inactive Abiding Status: None
Fleeting Status: Favored by The Venetian, Loyal by Archon Durjaya, Acclaimed by Archon June

Known or Suspected Information

The Coronati Lineage



  • Spider
  • Gable
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Friendly Acquaintances


Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Colorado Springs, CO
Player: Ryan Nash
Storyteller: Mykle McGovern
  • Arthur is always fastidiously dressed at gatherings.
  • He has been known to play verbal games with newcomers.
  • He was a mortal investigator of some local renown.


  • Recently developed a fondness for "electro-swing" based on a recommendation from Charles
  • Can actually see 4 dimensions, doesn't talk about it because he realised you can't describe that 4th one.
  • He is colorblind, but he can smell colors? How does that work?
  • He can taste the rainbow.
    • He can see why kids love cinnamon toast crunch.
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Quotes About

  • "These Lunatics are too organized. It's freaking me out." - Overheard in various forms from most members of the Colorado Springs domain
  • "Black hats. An interesting choice, and telling of our nature, I think." - James Norman Masters
  • "A singularly unique member of the House of Malkav. Bears watching a touch more than the average Malkavian. - Don Iacobo Giovanni
  • "So... how's uh... your... Malkavian... stuff?" - Samuel Gable
  • "[Mr. Stanford] has a sense of neatness, attention to detail, and accuracy about him that becomes him well. He's well spoken and mild-mannered as Primogen of his clan. And then you remember what clan that is and you wonder what that his unassuming mannerisms hide." - Robert Quorwynne
  • "the way he presents himself is not like a malkavian which makes some more afraid of him but it makes me wonder how the court has not given him more power" - Jacob
  • "Malks that don't have to flaunt their crazy are the ones I worry about..." - Calvin Ames
  • "As reliable as he is unpredictable." - Dr. Daniel Thornvick
  • "A great deal of fun and he tolerates my games better than most. Each gathering I look forward to seeing him again." - Elizabeth Price
  • "gives the Malkaviens a voice in the middle, others are too serious or too Crazy."-Jacob
  • "Mr. Stanford is a most effective agent of the Thought Police. His services are highly valued. As is his willingness to act in the Tower's defense."-The Venetian
  • "I doubt that there is anything he can't figure out. Reminds me of Sherlock Holmes." - John Williams
  • "Very few would stand so bravely against the jaws of death, yet he did. He walked through fire and is now stronger for it." - Nathaniel Lament Hell
  • "It takes a certain quality to emerge from the jaws of evil relatively unscathed. It takes something extraordinary to put oneself in their path for the good of others. I am proud to say that I know such a Kindred in Mr. Stanford, and have fought beside him, and would do so again." - Jacob Cally
  • "He's got good taste. It's the funniest thing, I talk to this guy and he doesn't condescend, I don't even want to punch the smug out of him. Maybe he gets it." - Quinn Papillon
  • "Dude, he throws out two dollar words in nickle ante conversations." - Rosko
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Quotes By

  • "Can we have it when you're done? There are so many things I am curious to find out." - Arthur, on the subject of a new-found Caitiff in the domain.
  • "The official stance of Clan Malkavian is that Clan Malkavian has no official stance." - Arthur, in response to a number of political queries
  • "Someone needs to supervise." - Arthur, after being asked why he was going Sabbat hunting with the Gangrel and the Brujah.
  • "Do the thing! With the Presence!" - Arthur, to Elizabeth Price
    • "I don't actually know what 'the thing' is. Could you be more specific?" - Elizabeth's response
      • "We should just use Telepathy when we are out on missions. Then you can get on my level." - Arthur

OOC Information

Player: Ryan Nash
MES Number: US2012120018
Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Domain: CO-015-D: Dead Man's Gambit: Gold, Guns, and God