Arthur Thorne

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Arthur Thorne


Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
Generation 9th

Thornes and Blossoms



  • Alexandria/Callisti y Castillo aka Red Ludwing, Progeny of Helena <5-4> (? to ?)
    • [Baron Philippe Volgirre] <5> (? to 1579?)

For the record

Lies and Slander

  • "Arthur is a contradiction in every way imaginable...and a few that you haven't got the imagination to dream up. That's quite alright's hardly your fault that he's beyond you. Leonna has always had an eye for the sublime, and an ear for subtle variations that bypass the plebian. Quite the catch, that one." - Matthieu Charpentier

Secrets not known publicly

  • Is hiding the fact that he Hails from House Volgirre
  • Yelena Davydov is his real sire
  • He has a hired gunman that he keeps on retainer, who will do just about anything he asks for a pound of China White.

Friends and Allies

That which inspires me

OOC Information

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