Arthur Weatherby

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Assain Lintilla

Player: Steve Smith
Character: Arthur Weatherby
Clan: Ventrue
Covenant: Invictus
Status: Anaheim - ●●●
Invictus - ●●
Clan Ventrue - ●●
Domain: Anaheim, CA
VST: Erick Quiñones

Character Information

Name: Arthur Weatherby

Clan: Ventrue

Covenant: Invictus


City of Anaheim - ●●●
Invictus - ●●
Clan Ventrue - ●●

Known History

Originally from Los Angeles, Arthur Weatherby fled to San Diego after some disagreement with the Invictus of Los Angeles in late 2013. Unfortunately, San Diego wasn't very conducive for him either, forcing him to leave to Anaheim in June 2014. It seems that the Golden City has agreed with him and he's been a fixture ever since. As of January 2015, he's the new Sheriff of the Golden City of Anaheim.

Known Associates

Only Known to the Invictus

House: None
Full Title: Mister Arthur Weatherby, Groom, Reeve and Viscount of King's Hall
Faction: None
Status: Recognized within the Invictus (Covenant Status 2)

Only Known to the Ventrue

Sire: J. Wellington
Broodmates: None
Ventrue Lineage: Hawthorne (Greater Family)
Status: Recognized within the Ventrue (Clan Status 2)


  • "Of course I am wearing my peacoat into battle. What do you take me for, a commoner?"
  • "Existence within House Skold was simpler before Alder Ragnar Soren's awakening."
  • "Perhaps it is his modern sensibilities, but I often find that Sir Groom Weatherby surprises me. His mind works differently than mine, which can be of benefit in council." - Alder Rowan Ragnardottar
  • "Sir Groom proves that the adages of Machiavelli, are still relevant today." Alder Ragnar Soren
  • "The strength he brings to my Order is not from his arm alone." - Sir Richter Rowansen
  • "Were it not for Sir Groom Weatherby's aid after my Eclipse, things would be quite different around here." - Dame Ingifríðr Ragnardottar
  • "Takes a little too much time on presentation, but is strong where it counts." - Johnathan Cobalt
  • "Upstanding guy!" - Sergei Chernigov
  • "Arthur, Arthur. You really shouldn't put everything that's handed to you in your mouth." - Bella
  • "While he doesn't usually make a very good first impression, he does tend to be tenacious enough that you'll give him a second chance. Most times, he does make it worthwhile." - Lawrence Washington
  • "A punctilious man, but manners are a time-honored masque one dons in the Danse. What is under the hood, I wonder? Now that he is sheriff, I suspect I shall discover that soon enough." - Emory
  • "OH, shit, I thought it was 'Weasely'. My bad. Don't tell him." - Net
  • "The stick is so far up Mr. Weatherby's ass I am pretty sure that is what his top hat is balancing on"- Violet


  • "I hear how he talks of the Prince, so intimately, I wonder if that's why he's Herald?"
  • Joined the Unaligned Midnight Sons in secret in a bid to increase his personal power.


OOC Information

Player Name: Steve Smith

MES Number: US2011047617

Location: Orange County, CA