Artimus Reding

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Artimus Reding

Character Information

Ventrue Symbol.png

Clan: Ventrue

Sect: Camarilla

Embraced: 1880

Generation: 10th

Status: 2

  • Acknowledged
  • Established

Notable Traits:

Demeanor: Capitalist

Position: None yet



What is Known

  • Known for funding mortal city projects throughout the 20th century
  • Set up a not for profit Reding Reading Room which operates in 5 different states in America


  • "I am a business man and business is always good for me"-Artimus


  • 1848 - Born
  • 1880 - Embraced in England
  • 1921 - Moved to Texas
  • 1933 - Moved to San Francisco
  • 1972 - Moved to Seattle
  • 1985 - Moved to Mt. Pleasant, Michigan
  • 2002 - Moved to San Juan Puerto Rico


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  • Wherever he has been active someone has always turned up dead


Player Information

Michael Feltz

Cam Number: US2011017225
Home Domain: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Email: Michael Feltz

Character Information
Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Camarilla
City: [[Category: Masquerade|]]
Player: Michael Feltz
Storyteller: Bobby Lee