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Character Description
Name: Aruk

Creature Type: Promethean

Lineage: Galatean

Notable Traits: Striking Looks <4>; Presence 5

Title or Position:

Out here in the fields, I fight for my meals, I get my back into my living, I don't need to fight To prove I'm right,I don't need to be forgiven. - The Who "Teenage Wasteland"

Known Information

Usually in the company of either Adela or Lupe.


  • 1999 - Brought to life
  • 2009 - Moved to PR
  • 2012 - Met Lupe
  • 2013 - Brought into the cell. Went to Peru.

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Known Associates

Associations and Operations

The AccordOperation: Caldero del SolOperation: Black Ice

Quotes from Others

  • "Mr. Aruk? Simply divine, looking upon him is like looking upon a fine piece of artwork, such majestic features that one can never stray too far from, even better then the Mona Lisa." ~ Aalina
  • "Quiet, but to all appearances, loyal. I'll be keeping the Dead away from him though..." ~ David Anderson
  • "He's super sweet. Really innocent too- I just hope the accord doesn't break him." Aurora Coventry
  • "Aruk is one of two people I trust with everything, he is family and more, those that would hurt him you are warned." - Adela
  • "Aruk is a good man, and someone that I'm coming to trust. I can see why my sister cares about him as much as she does. Oh, and he throws fucking cars...that's pretty badass." - Dea Tacita
  • "He is a shit heel who tries to take my sloppy seconds. Rocky apparently was created without a brain or a personality" - Dash
  • "That dude plays a mean game of volleyball...I like him." - Marcus Jackson
  • "Aruk is... he's solid. And likeable. But he scares me anyway, more than most, for a reason I can't pinpoint. Maybe that's a good thing for us and a bad thing for the Truth." - Julie Carter

Quotes from Aruk


Aruk torment.jpg
  • is in a secret affair with Aalina.
  • Was created without a brain so he eats books...and growls at random pedestrians.
  • Has a thing for vampires, most often seen in the company of Adela.


OOC Information

Name: Neal Brannan
Member Number: US2003122602

Accord PC

Player: Neal Brannan
Creature Type: Promethean
City: Ponce, Puerto Rico
VST: Alicia Cameron