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"The trouble with a rat race is that even if you win, you are still a rat"

- Lily Tomlin

Character Information


Tribe: Get of Fenris/Fianna/Bone Gnawer

Breed: Homid Kinfolk

The world's most confusing kinfolk

None currently


At her core, Asha is a fighter. She's had to fight her entire life, and been an outcast for as long as she can remember. Unlike some who struggle to be accepted, though, she embraced it and adopted a "fuck the world" attitude. She's brash, bossy, and has on more than one occasion called a Garou names such as 'Fucktard' and 'assface'.

More recently, she's pulled away from garou society entirely, wanting no part of it.

Notable Traits
On her left arm is the tattoo with Glyphs writing out "Fianna", on her right it reads "Get of Fenris"

Notable Events

  • Murdered a Black Spiral dancer in Chrinos form with the butt of a gun, Molotov cocktails, and a knife.
    • Gave birth an hour later.
  • Had her children taken from her.

Former Family

    • Although these people are either her former mate or her children, she does not call them family.
  • Ray Fullbringer
  • Jason Ray Fullbringer, born November 11, 2013
  • Adriana Amaris Fullbringer, born August 10, 2014
  • Daisy, Adopted in 2014

The people she won't try to kill

  • Code Howler: "Yeah he's a wimp, but by god, he's my wimp."
  • Markus Anderson: "Oh you mean the creepy as fuck guy? He's cool. And no, I'm not saying that just cause he's got blackmail on my ass."
  • Declan Brennan: "Can you hear the banjos? I can hear the banjos."
  • Captain Clint Hale: "He's always down to hang."
  • Jason "Shoots for the Stars" McMahon: "Guy's been all up in my lady parts. Admittedly, he was yanking a kid out, but still. I prefer to think of it as a moonlit night with candles instead of me screaming and calling him and Ray everything I can think of-And I'm pretty fucking creative."
  • Random Access Violence: "Fucker's got money, and fights for the rights of kin. Dude's cool."
  • Steven Vukoja: "Yay angry kinfolk. Seriously I'll kill for him. I may have to, before this is all over...didja get the Tyrion quote? He's not my Shae, but I SO wanted to say that."
  • Ethan: "Lol."

Enemies: The People she will try to kill

  • Bella Dent
  • Jack Dent
  • Blackwinter


From Asha

  • "Listen up, fuckhead." -Speaking to her mate, Ray Fullbringer
  • "If you say one thing to Ray, I will personally find a way to end you." - Speaking to her mate's pack member, Markus Anderson
  • "Man fuck the tribes. Or don't fuck the tribes. I don't care who you all fuck, so long as you don't fuck someone I'm fucking.

For you kids playing at home, the fuck count is at 6.

I get the idea of a tie-breaker, and I REALLY fucking like that idea. Cause seriously, we're all gonna turn on each other lord of the flies style at some point. Hopefully minus the cannibalism, cause you guys do not look fucking tasty. Or type like your tasty. Whatever, I've extended the metaphor past the point of no return. Fuck I'm tired.

So who all wants to do this?" - Asha, on a kinfolk message board.

  • "I don't care about the nation. I don't care about garou. Fuck all of it."

About Asha

  • "I swear to Gaia.. One day I am going to rip peoples heads off because of her. I love her to death... But, she knows that I love her." - Ray Fullbringer
  • "She keeps her cool in a tight spot..... but damn can she bug the crap out when she needs to." -Code Howler
  • "Will you at least try not to be a bitch? Please?" -Greyscale
  • "Asha? God, I fucking love that chick. I wish I'd been able to stick around and see her kid - that family is gonna be a trip. She's got this Cat's approval, that's for sure." - Ramona
  • "I found her in a bar once and one thing led to another, I swear I did not know she was your Kin" - Ethan
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Character Inspirations

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Fictional Sources

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OOC Information

  • Player: Amy Lolmaugh
  • IRC Nick:
  • Member ID: US2009064328
  • Member Class: Not Available
  • Domain: Chattanoga, TN
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