Asha Riel

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Requiem PC

Player: Nom
Character: Asha Riel
Clan: Mekhet
Covenant: Circle of the Crone
Position: None
Status: City: 4, Clan:2 & Covenant: 3
Domain: Trois-Rivières (CDN-017)
VST: Dominic Gervais

Character Information

Name: Asha Riel

Clan: Mekhet

Covenant: Circle of the Crone

Status: City: 4, Clan:4 & Covenant:4

Title or Positon:

Valkyria of the Mauricie for the Hierophant

Mother of the Crone



  • Rumored to be one of the best sharp shooter.
  • Rumored to be an excellent detective.
  • Rumored to be "a little bit" paranoid.
  • Like an ant, the only thing she do is work.

What people say about Asha

  • "She's probably the best for the delicate task of the Valkyria. She's trustworthy, devoted and deadly, what can a ask more? She's one of the trusted ally I have." - Dimitry Stormkirk of House Darkov
  • "Mommy's keeping watch over her little boys. But you know the rule: don't touch mommy 'cause her boys are a bunch sick little bastards." Nikolaj Sorensen
  • "You know when Ventrue get too old to function properly because they are afraid everyone is against them, sadly she does not have the excuse to be Ventrue" Léo Desmarais
  • "I do admit you are good at gathering good info, but you are so scared of everything." - Gérald Boisclair

Character Ties




OOC Information

Player Name

CaM Number

Location Trois-Rivières (CDN-017)