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Character Information:

Ashad is currently residing on the Gulf coast, though he comes from all over the world having traveled for a little while. Ashad deals in drugs, hard to come by items, and trades in secrets like any good Nosferatu. Though he is but a fly on the wall gathering secrets at meetings, Ashad is quite tame and relaxed, often jotting notes in his journal. Ashad is sometimes not so relaxed, at these times he shows his anger and displeasure with snippy comments and comebacks. Ashad will help just about any kindred he can, for a small price.

Notable Traits:

Ashad has several notable traits. His first would be how he watches a room of kindred, and then jot down what they just said. His second would be how courteous he is to be around. Ashad also favors those who hold themselves with great pride in their clan. He will always jump at the opportunity to strike a business deal. Ashads other notable traits are sometimes 'masked', for those that can see it a story is written on his body.

Known Information:

Ashad wicker, is in fact a Nosferatu. He lives in Gulfport, Ms for reasons unknown. He seems to be collecting something big.

Kindred Society:


'Position/s: Primogen of Clan Nosferatu of the gulfcoast



●Greatgrandsire: Goodman Goring

●Grandsire: Rags
●Sire: William Snider
●Childe: Zoya Markovica
●Grandchilde: Lyra


Rumor has it, hes not a nosferatu at all. Hes actually a tremere getting close to the nosferatu for another grand experiment." Recently i heard he got a tremere killed so he did not owe a blood boon. (Additions welcome!)


".. I'll figure out the source of his paranoia eventually.. I hate not understanding things." - Leona Theron
"My sire, strange? That I will never argue with but that is what won me over in the end. One needs the unexpected to stay on your toes!" - Zoya Markovica
(Additions welcome!)



Other stuffs...:

Ashad is commonly seen with his Children nearby. He finds comfort in these cold nights with companionship from his Babies. Retainers are "practice" for Ashads kiss. If he finds them useful he takes them as his companion. He has only found one deserving of his kiss and that is Zoya.


  • RAJA, is a large savannah cat her ancestry leans towards more of her serval side of the family. Raja has traveled a little while with Ashad and has grown fond of him and his caring for her. She likes to lay around most of the day and play at night like most cats do. Raja's diet of sewer rats and field mice keeps her in shape and active. Out of all of Ashad's retainers Raja is his favorite and he would not want to lose her. Over the last few years before coming to the Gulf Coast domain, Raja has assisted Ashad in Combat, Surviving, and Secret keeping. Raja is very violent to those that threaten Ashad, her master, and will not hold back if she sees them. If she doesnt immediately attack the ones who cause harm or discomfort to Ashad she stalks them back to their haven and waits for the oppurtunity to pounce. Ashad always keeps a link with Raja as he finds her purring noises more comforting than silence. Raja weighs about 30lbs and is about the size of a small terrier dog, her natural seeing and hearing skills helps ashad locate and capture his prey. Recently on the Gulf Coast Raja has had the oppurtunity to meet one called Ümlaut Ennui she does not like this man. Raja was going to protect Ashad as she was sensing danger and this guy decided to spray her with paint. Raja would have mauled this guy if Arya did not step in. She awaits for the Silly man to come again and mess with her. Raja does like some of the kindred here on the coast. The big Smoker guy Ashad calls prince Beau Stockstill he hunts like Raja and she is happy when ashad visits him because he has other animals Raja can play with.


  • Sidsi, or "sissy", is a speckled king snake. Sidsi uses constriction to kill her prey and tends to be opportunistic when it comes to her diet; she does eat other snakes including venomous snakes. Kingsnakes will also eat lizards, rodents, birds, and eggs. The common kingsnake is known to be immune to the venom of other snakes and to eat rattlesnakes, but it is not necessarily immune to the venom of snakes from different localities. Kingsnakes are commonly kept as pets, due to their ease of care; Sidsi is overall hardy and simple to care for, Her captive diet usually consists of appropriately sized prey like rats, garden snakes, and field mice. She will sometimes sneak out with Raja for a field adventure. Kingsnakes are generally docile, curious and gentle, unless they are disturbed. Sidsi doesnt interact much with anyone but she does like her underground home with Zoya and Arya but she prefers Ashads pocket.


  • Todd, a red fox, is a new addition to Ashad's team. As Ashad would be traveling around the city he noticed this magnificent animal and had to have one for the team. When danger is detected, Todd emits a monosyllabic bark. At close quarters, it is a muffled cough, while at long distances it is sharper. Red foxes thrive particularly well in urban environments and over the past few months Ashad has noticed the potential for these animals for his clan as a whole. Todd is only about 3 years old, and his spunkier than the others but he likes his new home with Ashad. Todd has visited several kindred in the domain watching them, but he has grown quite fond of this domains harpy Josie Fortenberry todd tells ashad that she is kind and honorable and often asks ashad can he go visit the pretty woman who scratches his head.


  • Falkore, the eyes of the troupe that follows Ashad now is a peregrine Falcon a locally found bird of prey. Falkore is Ashads eyes when his attention is elsewhere. Falkores demeanor mimicks Ashads personality of Cool, and calm, into a fury of rage. Falkore actually fought against Ashad at first but was quickly subdued by Ashad because Ashads determination to have him. Falkore has seen just about everyone in the domain here on the Gulf coast, he is not fond of hospitals anymore. He has saved Ashad also. Falkore, likes to hang out during the day at a strip club owned by Arya Kane. Falkore likes this place because of all the garbage laying aorund attracts mice that he gets to eat. Plus Ashad has him occaisonally keep on 'eye' on Arya.

Character Information
Clan: Nosferatu
Sect: Camarilla
City: Gulf Coast, MS
Player: Scotty Bannister
Storyteller: Ryan Garriga

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