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Ashé Oṣumare










Christina Eater


Charlie Rieser

Oya-bead-1.png Personal Information

Clan Tzimisce
Generation 11th
Accepted Initiated as True Sabbat
Abiding Blessed as the Ductus of Las Sagrados Santos de la Noche
Nicknames & Aliases
Amada del dios A name for those the Master favors
La cambiada A name for those given the gift of the Master's Vitae
Chloé Vargas, pinup/fetish model
Chloé is a sort-of-known; you’d recognize her face from the centerfold of just the right kind of niche goth-kink smut, though no one’s ever been able to actually verify seeing her at any kink events or industry shows. She has a dedicated following in LA, but outside of the area if you drop her name most folks will just stare blankly.
A slim woman in her mid-to-late twenties, with pale skin that belies her Cuban heritage and flowing, fiery red hair. Her face and stature are youthful, and only her eyes betray her true age and wisdom.
Ashé prefers to dress in flowing layers of simple fibers, dyed in a multitude of vibrant colors to honor her patron, and is rarely seen without an array of knotted and beaded necklaces and bracelets.
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Ashe chloe bikini.jpg
Ashe chloe corset.jpg
Personality & Quirks
When in the presence of her pack Priest (as she commonly is when mingling with other Cainites), Ashé is quiet--even submissive, and tends to dote on him. However, when Santo is occupied she becomes both more animated and more outspoken, especially if drawn into discussion of her spiritual beliefs and practices.
Ashé seems to have a tendency to rock or bounce slightly when she is excited or agitated.

Oya-bead-1.png History

1910-1966 Ashé is a ghoul and house servant of Santo de Blanco in Cuba.
1996-1966 Santo de Blanco moves his household to Mexico City.
1968-1968 The Tzimisce pack Monstros do Mar, returning home from fighting in the Third Sabbat Civil War, raids Santo's household.
1968-1968 They take Ashé with them to their stronghold in Brazil as a prize.
1968-1984 Ashé is a ghoul of the Tzimisce.
1984-1984 Ashé is embraced and Initiated by the Tzimisce and joins their pack.
1990-1990 Monstros do Mar relocate to Chihuahua, Mexico.
1992-1992 Ashé becomes Priest of Monstros do Mar.
2000-2000 Hunters attack Monstros do Mar's haven, and much of the pack is killed. Ashé flees to her former home in Mexico City.
2002-2002 Ashé relocates to Los Angeles, where she is reunited with Santo and they form Las Sagrados Santos de la Noche.
2014-2014 Las Sagrados Santos move to San Diego to aid the Sabbat there in their Crusade.

Oya-bead-1.png Known Associates

Santo de Blanco of Las Sagrados Santos de la Noche
Matt "The Iron Fist" of Las Sagrados Santos de la Noche
Dr. Arthur Visigoth

Oya-bead-1.png Quotes & Rumors

That necklace she always wears... the beads are made from the bones of her first human kill. Not even Fleshcrafted; she straight up carved that shit to honor her religion or something.
"Quote quote quote." – Character
Rumor rumor rumor.


Oya-bead-1.png Inspiration & References

Pinterest: Ashé
La Malinche
[Sunbather] by Deborah Eater

Oya-bead-1.png Soundtrack

Good For You [Selena Gomez]
Misery Business [Paramore]
Heads Will Roll [Yeah Yeah Yeahs]
No Apologies [Empire Cast ft. Jussie Smollett, Yazz]
Bluebird [Beach House]


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