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"The society that separates its scholars from its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting by fools." — Thucydides, History of the Peloponnesian War

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Black Legion Brujah
Established, Confirmed,
Privileged, Authority,
Commander, Sovereign
Favored(F) - Alexander Konrad

Asher was introduced into the world of the Kindred as a ghoul to Adrienne Maxwell of Clan Ventrue and House Constantinian. However, sensing that Asher's temperament was not exactly suited for Clan Ventrue, Adrienne gave Asher to his sire, Eirik Alexson as a gift. Soon thereafter, Eirik saw Asher's potential and embraced him into Clan Brujah and the Black Legion.

With his family name lost to the ages, Asher made his grand entrance into Kindred society under the one name moniker in 1695 in Paris (some Kindred, however, speak of having dealings with Asher well before that time). On the heels of the Sabbat-influenced French Revolution, Asher left France with House Constantinian patriarch Alexander Konrad to the United States. Asher served as Prince of Pittsburgh, PA until a few years ago. Under a Sabbat attack, Asher disappeared for a few years and resurfaced in Cleveland, OH. Recently, Asher has recently claimed Praxis over Cleveland when Elder Torquil stepped down.

In general, Asher is very calm for a Brujah. His personality is very dynamic and allows him to interact with mortals more directly than most, therefore allowing him to manipulate the world of the kine in ways that would make some Ventrue blush. Although Asher has taken on the mantle of financier and businessman, those who know him understand that he is not a kindred to be crossed - he is still very much an Elder Brujah.

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General Timeline

  • AD 1360 - Born in Jerusalem
  • AD 1380 - Found by Kindred Ancestor Adrienne Maxwell and ghouled.
  • AD 1380 - AD 1450 Serves as Ghoul to Adrienne and House Constantinian
  • AD 1450 - Gifted to Eirik Alexson of Clan Brujah by domitor Adrienne.
  • AD 1535 - AD 1695 After being released, Asher goes to a monastery in the Low Country of France in order to give himself the education that he wanted to receive while he was a mortal. He also leaves the monastery for years at a time to pursue personal ends, and to travel with his allies. (This is vague in order to leave space for more character ties in the future).
  • AD 1695 - AD 1785 Asher moves to Paris in order to study at the Sorbonne. He also reconnect with House Constaninian Patriarch Alexander Konrad while there. During this time Asher gets involved in Kindred society attending the Conclaves of 1704 in London, 1725 in Venice, 1738 in Vienna, and 1751 in London. He leaves Paris due to the coming French Revolution. There is talk that the Sabbat are coming, Asher and Alexander Konrad leave Europe for the New World.
  • AD 1785 - AD Travels with Alexander Konrad and helps Alexander Konrad establish power in Washington, DC to become the Prince.
  • AD 1880 - Present Pittsburgh, PA. Asher predicts the success of the steel industry and makes his stake, investing very heavily in Pittsburgh steel companies. After the fall of steel in Pittsburgh, Asher helps to make Pittsburgh a viable education and research city, thus helping to usher Pittsburgh into a new age of prosperity.
  • AD 2013 - Asher claims Praxis over Pittsburgh
  • AD 2016 - Asher arrives in Cleveland and assumes Praxis after Torquil steps down.

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Lineage of Blood

The Black Legion claims descendancy from the Mistress of the Black Monastery. However, the apex of the line is not a member of this household. For her crimes against the Camarilla, Lady Meridie de Chancie has been struck from the records, and is not considered a part of this Brujah line. Her childer, grandchilder and other descendants proudly remain loyal to the Ivory Tower, and unified in their disdain for her actions.

"The Black Legion is my family. From my sire and head of our line, Eirik Alexson, we gain strength, from his sister, Tamerlane, we gain knowledge and wisdom, and from his brother, Tobias, we gain courage and spirit. We are steadfast in our loyalty to one another and to the Camarilla. They say that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This is true for us as well. While each member of this House is himself or herself a wonder to encounter, together, we are nigh impenetrable. Together, we can move a mountain, yet we, together, are an immovable force. Our veins run with the hottest, reddest Brujah passion - and passionate we are. As allies, our passion will bring upon you our fiercest loyalty. However, should you choose instead to earn our ire, beware; for hell shall be reigned upon thee." — Asher, Childe of Eirik Alexson

Michael Cayhill Alexander Konrad Eirik Alexson Tamerlane Tobias
Kenneth Skelton Adrienne Maxwell Jokero Lorenzo Anansi Ally Ally
Ally Ally Ally Ally Ally
Ally Ally Ally Ally Ally
Ally Ally Ally Ally Ally
Ally Ally Ally Ally Ally

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Tam jup.pngAsher does not manifest the Brujah Clan curse.

Tam jup.pngAlthough he is an Elder, Asher is very adept at modern technology and has no problem navigating the most sophisticated technology.

Tam jup.pngAsher's Herd are all beautiful blonde-haired women.
Tam jup.pngYour Rumor Goes Here.

Tam sat.png"Asher understands credit and debt, and what to do to earn the former and discharge the latter. We don't always agree, but I am always happy to work with a fellow who combines his reason and capability."Michael Cayhill
Tam sat.png"I always find it so exhilarating to watch a rough man speak about economics so eloquently. We are not all what we seem on any given night."Alonso Gutierrez
Tam sat.png"The good Prince has come a long way. It is good to see him pull ahead in the end. Or is there more to the race?"Maxwell Jacobs
Tam sat.png"Asher reminds me that even the best laid plans may go astray. What we make from these unexpected turns defines who we are. In his case, I am quite pleased with the outcome."Adrienne Maxwell
Tam sat.png'Asher good man. Honorable. Teach Anubis many things. Good to have prince who is wise.'Anubis
Tam sat.png"IF he bloodhunts you, you are already dead."Jokero Lorenzo Anansi
Tam sat.png"'E ent too bad for an' old man. Does what needs to be done, right proper-like."Clem

Character Information
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
City: Cleveland, OH
Player: Dan Murphy
Storyteller: Phil

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