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Dead This character is dead. Any further communication should be with the VST.

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Ashlee Known.jpg"Stories lead to questions, questions lead to journeys, and journeys lead to the truth." ~Ashlee

Raised by a mother who moved through the bipolar mood spectrum like she was on a swing set, Ashlee was just lucky to have made it to adulthood. Her coping mechanism was keeping her brain occupied with the hobby of working on cars. She went to a vocational high school and focused on gaining as many ASE certifications as possible.

Ashlee had been a lost cub for three months, when she stumbled across the Sept of Boar’s Children in the Auburn area in September of 2014. Now she is trying to get her mind around what is means to be Garou and part of something greater than the solitary life she has been leading.

Ashlee's wolf form is rather large in size, with pale shining cream fur and some hints of cinnamon.

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  • Owns a Black 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 she is restoring (Mint Condition)
  • Ashlee's mother always said that their family line was noble
  • Ashlee has the following ASE certifications: Master Automobile and Collision Repair Technician Level, and is working towards her Master Medium-Heavy Truck Technician certification
  • Ashlee is half Fianna (her father's blood) and has been taken under the care of the Brennan's
  • Marked by Stag
  • Named pack Beta of The Furies

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  • She comes from a noble lineage, but has no idea which Tribe or Family.
  • Best damn mechanic in the south!
  • You sure she is a Fianna? I thought she was a Black Fury.
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  • "I like this wolf. She has great frame, bright engine and a transmission that won't take no shit from nobody. Now if she would only speak her mind more often..." - Specter's Flight
  • "Being forced into a Pack is never a pleasant experience...but finding a Garou I can respect and enjoy packing with...who has a similar drive to that..that's a blessing." - Raging Mother
  • "Cousin! Always a good time in finding family. Ashlee's no exception. I got to see her during her fostering and share a bit of advice on the New Moon life. I look forward to hearing tales of her cleverness and Dukes of Hazard driving stunts!" - Tom Collins
  • "It appears I have adopted a two-leg pup. I am well with this. She is good blood, has a good fire in her. I hope I have started her well- I put much into that one." - She-is-Fiercer
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  • "Coming Soon" - Blah
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  • Dean Winchester - Dean Winchester is skillful in lock picking, breaking into security systems, carjacking and hustling for pool. Dean is also an accomplished mechanic and maintained an intimate knowledge of automobiles and engines since childhood; he maintains his Impala in top condition
  • Jerry Rushing -is an American best known for his years as a bootlegger or "moonrunner" (moonshine runner). Rushing was born into a family business making illegal whiskey. As a young man he became a delivery driver, a job requiring late-night high-speed driving, often without headlights; for this he used a modified 1958 Chrysler 300D capable of 140 mph (225 km/h) speeds, easily more than most police vehicles, which he nicknamed Traveler (one L), after Robert E. Lee's favorite horse Traveller (two Ls).

Apocalypse PC

Player: Christina Shirley
Character: Ashlee Conway "Suicide Run"
Auspice: Fostern
Tribe: Fianna
Renown: 3 Glory 2 Wisdom 2 Honor
Domain: AL-001-D
VST: Tim Hardwick

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