Ashley Watson

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Accord PC

Player: Silja S.
Creature Type: Bear Blooded
Division: The Vault
City: San Juan, Puerto Rico
VST: MES Virtual VST

Ashley Watson.jpg

Character Information

Name: Ashley Watson

  • Title and Positions: Executive Director and Trustee for Vault division
  • Status: Accord 3 ; The Vault 5
  • Born: June 21st, 1994 in Kentucky
  • Is a scientist (esp medical zoology, which is what her degree is in) and research nerd.
  • Works freelance as an investigative reporter, specialising in environmental issues.

Creature Type: Bear Blooded

Notable Traits:

  • Spunky, Intelligent, Curious
  • Always has her nose in a book
  • Loves to research and learn about anything
  • Has no prejudices about any metahuman types because she only met Accord ones.
  • Is pretty handy with a knife. Or two, or three.....

Hometear.jpg ParanoidAndroidPatch.png Operation:Paragon - Nicaragua


  • Recently had a baby.
  • Came to study in San Juan because she stuck her nose in where it wasn't wanted in Kentucky and got kicked out of college there.
  • Rosemary Weald is unusually protective of her.
  • Doesn't actually live in Puerto Rico.
  • Called Fluttershy by Dash
  • Is a virgin.
  • Is really a super rich plastic surgeon.

What Others say About Her:

  • "Harm her and you will land in a hole so deep you'll wish you were in the Underworld." - Rosemary Weald
  • "And once you're there, I'll make sure you *do* end up in the Underworld. And then the fun part will begin." - David Anderson
  • "Legacy is important, remember that". - Raphael Szemere
  • "I wish she hadn't gotten tangled up with the Accord. But she did and I'm glad she's here." - Lucas MacKinder
  • "Hallelujah, sanity. God knows we need more like her around this place." - Julie Carter
  • "She seems like an intelligent, kind, and sweet girl, but never forget that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree." - Mike McConnell
  • "Ashley seems like an intelligent but complex young woman. I don't think I'd like to be on her bad side if it ever shows itself" - Dr. Julian Silvasi
  • "She is the Fluttershy to our little pony party, smart ass hell too. Know about Flutterbitch? Bet there is a bit of that in her too. I don't want to find out" - Dash
  • "Do not underestimate her value. We need people like her, always." - Winter
  • "I feel a need to protect her that being said if you decide to harm her you'll meet something much worse than death. She showed true courage in the face of two abominations and made me proud that she is my kin." Bear
  • "She's quick to pull the I'm just a squishy human card. But the bears out of the bag this broad can throw down when push comes to shove. If you don't believe it there's a dead Reaper soldiers back in Nicaragua that will testify."Sam_Roland_Hain
  • "It's good to know that we have people like her in the Accord. She's got one hell of a good head on her shoulders." Denial
  • "It's the quiet badasses like Ashley who keep the world spinning on its axis." - Shkira Kushnir

OOC Information

Player: Silja S.

MES Number: US2007070070

Location: Arkansas