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Clan: Malkavian Antitribu

Notable Traits: Black trench coat and hoodie, a black plague doctor's mask peeks out from under the cowl, he walks with a silver tipped cane.


OOC Mechanics:

Location: San Francisco California

The Stairway

[Malkav/Mekhet] <3> (-8000 BC to present)

  • [Unknown] <4> (? to ?)
    • [Mellandis] <5> (? to ?)
      • [Caius Sepherus] <6> (364 BC to present)
        • Ashphodel <7> (1446 to present)

Those who linger

Aspersions cast

Crucible of Fire

  • Ashphodel started the fires of Gilchester inciting the Sabbat at it's Primacy
  • Was embraced by the Prince of San Francisco
  • Is a pyromaniac

History and Timeline

Historical Accounts

  • May 2015 - Raid against the "Zip" Factory
  • June 2015 - Became Priest of the Pack, renamed the pack "Caine's Crusade".
  • June 2015 - Took part of the Siege of Memphis - Earned Courageous by Cardinal Charlie Lennox.
  • June 2015 - Monomacy against Bishop Santiago


Since ancient nights, powerful vampire lineages have warred against one another for control of the mortal world. Elders Embraced carefully selected broods, forcing childer to work ceaselessly for the glory of their sires. Plagues infested Europe, thinning the available herds of mortal blood and forcing vampires to eradicate one another simply to survive.


Sepherus, a Malkavian Elder from Roman times was concerned about the plague, Italy was suffering from the Second Pandemic, and he needed to protect his flock and holdings, he discovered a Plague Doctor named Flavio. He would look into this Doctor, and eventually embraced him. The Plague continued, and Sepherus became more and more abusive, believing that Flavio could stop the Black Plague, he was insane afterall, and his beatings and lashings became more and more frequent, resulting in Flavio being Torpored many times.

Then, something happened.

  • 1472

The tyranny that Flavio experienced was happening all over Europe, and many other younger Vampires were victim to it, until they rebelled against this tyranny, and Ashpodel was part of this rebellion. Wanting to seek the downfall of his Sire, whom he hated with a burning passion, he broke free from the bond, chose a new name and set about destroying everything his Sire loved. His Sire, Sepherus of Clan Malkavian, an Luminary Elder decided that he would go into hiding, and slipped into torpor nowhere to be found.

Ashphodel understood the Laws of Caine, but saw that his Sire and his Sire’s associates abused them with aplomb, and decided that these Elders reeked of corruption, and as such, they were bastards of the Race of Vampires, and must be burned to the ground. His anger grew steadily, and eventually manifested itself into a physical form of rage, he learned the power of fire from a Koldunic Sorcerer.

He heard of the call of these Elders wanting to bring their childer back into the fold, and believed it to be a way to watch them become subjugated again, this time under new laws, ones that were self serving.

  • 1494

Ashphodel met up with some other Anarchs, and they refuted the terms of surrender. Ashphodel’s rage at not being able to find his Sire erupted, and he began burning the town of Silchester to the ground. Others would soon start lighting fires in their own right. “We will never be slaves” was the key term.

The Camarilla was formed,and soon after Ashphodel was there when the Sabbat was formed, and was included with Princess Vasantasena during the primacy of the Sect.

  • 1515

Ashphodel formed up with a pack of other Sabbat, they named themselves “Let them wage war”, and they continued across the countryside destroying assets of the Camarilla.

  • 1578

Ashphodel’s packmates were all destroyed and he was knocked into torpor, he remained in torpor inside of a Castle for almost 2 Centuries.

  • 1771

Ashphodel awoken and freed himself and was able to trace down that his Sire had escaped to North America.

  • 1778

The First Sabbat Civil War began in North America around the time of the American Revolution. The conflict began as younger Lasombra and Tzimisce in the New World turned against one another in competition over mortal resources — resources that had became bitterly contested as more and more Cainites emigrated from Europe or sired new childer.

These younger Cainites had little supervision from their elders in Europe and little connection with the Sabbat outside the Americas; as a result, they had come over time to see their fellow Sabbat as competition rather than compatriots. The strife of this civil war allowed the Sabbat to lose much of their territory in the American East Coast to the Camarilla.

  • 1803

This war ended with the signing of the Purchase Pact in 1803, which declared all internal grievances void and decreed that any Sabbat who waged war against his fellows was to be hunted down and destroyed by any and all Sabbat. Following this war, adherence to the Code of Milan became more widespread within the sect.

  • 1863

The Second Sabbat Civil War This war occurred in Mexico and Canada during the latter years of the 19th century. The conflict is generally said to have begun with the assassination of Regent Gorchist by Ravnos antitribu in Mexico City in 1863. The conflict was exacerbated by rivalries between the Lasombra and Tzimisce that had been simmering since the prior Civil War.

  • 1933

Fighting continued until December 21, 1933, when the Code of Milan was formally acknowledged by the sect and further revised into its current form.

  • 1940

Ashphodel goes into Torpor and doesn’t awaken until 1956.

  • 1957

Third Sabbat Civil War This war occurred in in 1957, and lasted for only a hundred nights. The conflict began when Brujah antitribu in New York attempted a coup against the Lasombra and Tzimisce that had dominated the sect since its inception. This war was settled by diplomacy, as the Lasombra and Tzimisce finally recognized their antitribu compatriots as equals within the sect. As a result of the success and loyalty of the faction headed by the Caitiff "antitribu" Joseph Pander, the Caitiff were granted a position as an honorary clan within the sect: the Panders.

  • 1962

Ashphodel moves to San Francisco.

  • 1998

Ashphodel is again torpored by his Sire, and held captive for a year, when he escapes, he murders every one of his captors but his Sire remains elusive.

  • 2000

The Sabbat lose the war against the Camarilla in San Francisco, Ashphodel goes into Torpor willingly, to be awoken when a new flame will arise.

  • Modern Nights

Ashphodel is very careful, as an Elder, he has watched other Elders be destroyed for hypocrisy, and attempting to bring about the order of the Sabbat, in the same vein that they as a group rebelled against at the formation of the Sect. As such, he doesn't normally take leadership positions like Ductus, preferring to follow the leadership of the younger members of the sect, those who are more exuberant in their war against the Camarilla.

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Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Sabbat
City: San Francisco, CA Sabbat
Player: Woody Purdy
Storyteller: [mailto:]

Player Name: Woody P.
MES Number: US2002034807
Location: Sonoma County, CA

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