Ashton De La Cruz

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Ashton De La Cruz

Information Known by Kindred Society

Sect:Camarilla ••••• •
City:San Juan, Puerto Rico
Player:Adam Hobbs
Storyteller:[Trason Dazell]

Born: Unknown

Where: Somewhere in England

Current Position: none currently


  • Acknowledged as a member of the Camarilla
  • Confirmed, Established, and Privileged as an Elder
  • Acclaimed by Benjamin Sharp Archon to Marissa Cole
  • Acclaimed by Alicia Vangelista Archon to the Office of the Ventrue Justicar

OOC Timeline Unless You Specifically Know - ask if there are things you need to know or want to know


  • Rumours only that he was noble birth under a different name



  • 1214-1452 He mainly stayed around Europe throughout the years running the waters that he was known to be in. Spent time travelling the waters and pirating ships he came across
  • In the 1620 He meets Lilliana Grace in the most awkward of ways. He she came and boarded his ship as her attempt was to take down a Sabbat ship apparently run by a Lasombra. To her surprise she boarded a ship run by an Elder Ventrue of the Camarilla. They sat down after this outcome to share drinks with one another.
  • 1632, take down a decent embargo of goods together and split the profits. Lilliana lets her men run off to enjoy their profits for a while, and takes up with Ashton for a while to get a change of pace.Sticks around for a year before splitting off in 1633 to pick up her more devoted crew members again and pull in new ones.
  • 1680, come together again in Tortuga, and Lilliana tells him of a rather nasty Lasombra she's been after for a few months. She is taking a small break from the hunt, spending a couple days in Tortuga, and then heading out to her next lead on him, since it should take him longer to reach the area from where he's traveling from. Asks Ashton along.
  • Late 1680, they manage to take down the target, and Lilliana claims the sword she still carries to this day, though it's been well kept and protected from becoming brittle over the years.
  • Early 1700s, come across each other on the water. Discuss the recent issues facing buccaneers and their split off from the French regulars, and the bitter ending of the peace they had enjoyed with them for a time.
  • 1758: East India Company has recently taken over rule of India, and Lilliana has a lead on a rather large shipment of spices they have coming out. Knowing she can't go after them with her own vessel for fear of pissing off her sire, she tips off Ashton and asks to tag along.
  • 1762: The Seven Years' War is coming to a close, and Lilliana is called to take out smaller French enemies, especially those with Lasombra influence, who might be getting supplies to and from the battlefields. In run-ins with Ashton, she points him toward targets where she knows there should be valuable cargo to seize.
  • 1806: Lilliana runs into Ashton again, and tips him off to some Opium trade going through the Company. Knowing that she cannot send her own vessel after these interests, she sends some of her more knowledgeable crew members with Ashton to help him secure these targets if he so desires. During this meeting this young upstart almost say passionate woman known as Temperance took to his appetite as offensive and grew angry and rude without knowing the man. Despite efforts the first night it seemed to fail hard. Temperance offered compensation to overlook her rudeness.
  • 1807: Ashton meets a young Meredith who they become really close despite their free spirit natures. He travels the seas with her and shows her a bit of his lifestyles and riches. However, one night he was ripped off by someone and before she could explain her side they went seperate ways around 1820. He since then has not seen nor spoke to her since they went separate ways.
  • 1860: Lilliana runs into Ashton again, and chats over the legalization of Opium trade after the finalization of the Second Opium War. She also points out shipments she knows to be moving about with decent hauls that could be worth some hefty coin. This meeting the lovely Temperance seems to be quite the upstart and continues being rude to Ashton. He is offered compensation again plus an added bonus to overlook her behaviour to return discussing the shipments with Lilliana.
  • 1874: Lilliana begins thinking over a change in permanent location, her gaze turning toward North America as the East India Company is dissolved. She tips off Ashton to any targets she knows of in the area, should he still be around, and then begins her final stretch of preparations over the next several years.


  • 1900: Lilliana and Temperence arrive in Florida, running into Ashton. They remain in the area for two years before moving along the coast for a time. I figure we can fill this in with the three of us.
  • 1907: Lilliana and Temperence return to Florida, and Lilliana speaks of her desire to rest for a time. She has stowed away most of her valuables in one way or another so that she can return to comfort when she wakes. Her sire has been asleep for ten years, and she feels a need to join his rest for a short time. This new world is very different to her, and she wishes to sort of reset herself in order to welcome its embrace a bit more warmly.
  • 1920s: Spent the 1920s introducing a young, newly released Malkavian named Melody to Jazz and liquor.
  • 1950s Mustafa helped Ashton smuggle animals from Africa to their intended deliveries during this time period
  • May 1970, Ashton received jobs overseas which was a shipment of drugs through the Tampa port. Benicio Fuentes is supervising the delivery from the boat. Ashton took the shipment as he transports items where needed.
  • Travelled to France and met a girl in France 1992-1994: She would do assorted jobs for him and was offered to him (from her Pimp) for the night as a bonus for one of his smuggling deals. They had repeated business deals of sorts over the years.
  • 2009-2012 – a young lady Zoe De Medici helped Ashton move stolen goods for him over the internet.


  • Moved to live in Hernado County in the domain of Prince Andreas


  • "Captain de la Cruz... Ashton. He will forever be one of my dearest companions. I am eternally happy that we chose words over swords at that first meeting." - Lilliana Grace
  • "I tolerated him at first, if only for my Captain's sake. Over the centuries I have learned to respect the man behind the facade." - Temperence Valentine
  • "Nice Guy, He can sail a boat quite well. He knows how to teach a woman to be a Lady." - AJay
  • "Recently, I was reunited with Elder De La Cruz and was impressed to find his wit and insight seemed even sharper than when we last saw each other." Sebastian Cross
  • "When you look at Ashton you just want to go..... Welll ummm ARG me Matey" - Giles D'Armantiz
  • "A stubborn man, but a good one. The music we made will not be soon forgotten" - Meredith Sutton
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  • Hail to the King - Avenged Sevenfold
  • Master of Puppets - Metallica
  • Go Time - Down With Webster


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Character Information
Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Camarilla
City: Lakeland, FL
Player: Adam Hobbs
Storyteller: [Trason Dazell]

Player: Adam Hobbs

MES Number: CA 200112207

Location: London, Canada

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