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Awakening PC

Player: Leanne White
Path: Thyrsus
Order: Adamantine Arrow ••••
Legacy: Perfected Adept
Position: Wandering Master, Chief Warrant Officer of The Midnight Sons
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City: Hamilton, ON
Cabal: The Midnight Sons
VST: [mailto: Katharsis Awakening]

Character Information

Name: Askuwheteau'Atos (Cree)

Path: Thyrsus

Illuminated Dynasty: House Volur

Legacy: Perfected Adept

Order: Adamantine Arrow

Notable Traits:

Title or Position: Chief Warrant Officer of The Midnight Sons, Wandering Master of the Adamantine Arrow

Character History

All of the below information is easily found by any member of the Adamantine Arrow within her records. She has had several mortal identities over the years, all set up by The Midnight Sons and has served in the Canadian Armed Forces for most of her adult life.

March 18, 1918: Born on Devil’s Gate Reserve in far North-East Alberta. Her father died soon after her birth, never having met her, serving as a soldier in World War One at the Battle of Cambrai. She was raised by her mother and both sets of grandparents on the reserve, learning very early in life that she was special through her father’s side of the family as a ‘Volur’ - someone who could see and interact with the spirit world of the ancestors.

August 1925 - July 1932: At the age of 7, she is sent to a Residential School after being taken from her family at the mandatory age to be sent to the schools set by the government in 1920. Her family insists that she not try to run away, as the spirits will do what they can to protect her. They send with her her spirit animal - an arctic fox - to do what it can to protect her from the evils that the Volur Elders of the community fear will happen for their children. She is sent far from her community, to the Blue Quill’s Residential School near Saddle Lake Alberta. She spent half days in class, and the other half days working doing piecework to ‘pay her way’. Her hair was kept cropped short, she was beaten repeatedly for speaking her own language, starved as punishment, and forced to convert to the Roman Catholic Faith. She is not sent home throughout this entire time. In 1931 (at age 13), the church moved the school to a new community. Although her family had warned her to not run away, she took the opportunity along with several other children, to run in May of that year. They set a plan to set fire to an outbuilding at the old school with the doors locked and barred from the inside, in order to pretend to be killed, and then hid in the woods. The plan succeeded, and the children made their way back to their home community on foot throughout the summer. They arrived back in their communities in late October of that year, and were hidden through the winter by their families to ensure that they were not sent away again.

August 1932 - April 1942: She moves to Edmonton, with her mother and her white step-father, and attends school there on falsified papers that say that her step-father is her biological father to keep her from being sent back to a Residential School. To ensure this ruse works, her mother gives up her status.

April 1941 (age 23) - August 1945: Taking after her father she joins the Canadian Women’s Army Corps under her ‘white’ identity to serve overseas in World War Two. She initially serves in Britain as a telephone operator. However, in early 1943 she is ‘outed’ as speaking Cree one day when a message comes through from a code-talker that she simply instinctively translates. She trains in some combat-medic capabilities and as a driver for light transport vehicles. By late summer of 1943 she is attached to a supply unit on the island of Sicily, and then north into Ortona after Canadian troops take the town. May 23, 1944: She is transporting munitions and medical supplies north from Ortona to the headquarters supplying the lines for the joint Canadian/British attack upon the Hitler line when the convoy she is driving in is hit by a guerilla unit sent to cut off the supply lines. The road is mined, and her vehicle is bombed off of the road when one goes off as she drives overtop of it. She wakes up nearly three months later in a hospital on Sicily. The doctors are amazed that she seems to have survived the attack at all, but are even more surprised at the good physical condition she has survived in.

She quickly realized through the memories that she has from the time that she was ‘in a coma’ are real, and from the stories told her by her grandmother, that she has Awakened. She doesn’t speak of these memories of her journey to anyone.

September, 1944: Soon after waking, she is sent back to Canada to a convalescence home near Edmonton, and after a few more months is deemed fit to return to duty, working at a Base near Edmonton for the duration of the war. She speaks with her mother and grandparents upon her return, and she spends some time with other Volur in Northern Alberta for a small time before returning to service.

Her survival and physical condition gain the attention of those Awakened in the military who are always on the lookout for such things, and soon after her return in the convalescence home she is approached by a small cabal of Adamantine Arrow recruiters wondering if she was still interested in serving in the military - both Canadian and Pentacle. She asks for some time to consider it, but already knows what she will do. When she returns to give them the answer that she will join in Adamatine Arrow, she gives them her full background and family history - enough information for them to have her court-martialed for entering the service under a false identity. But they seem to already be fully aware, and one of the recruiters - an older Native gentleman tells her that he served with her father in WWI. He becomes her mentor into the Adamantine Arrow, and eventually into the Perfected Adepts, as well as becoming an adopted Uncle.

September 1945 - March 1949: 'Atos trains and enters the Adamantine Arrow under her mentor’s watch. It becomes evident early on in her training that she does not have the knack for dealing with spirits that many of the Volur have - she seems to be unable to truly connect with them because of having taken so many beatings at school from the priests for being a ‘shaman’ that it stunted her somehow - although in one of her trainings into the north she does find her spirit-animal, and one of them agrees to become her familiar. From then on she and her fox-spirit have been inseparable.

March 1949 - Present: 'Atos' mentor, as one of the founders of The Midnight Sons, asks that she joins, and she does so happily and willingly. For much of this time she lives and works in/around/above the 60th Parallel, although she does spend some time as a recruiter for the Sons, travelling much of Canada, and assisting the Adamantine Arrow and the Adamant Sages howsoever they require the it in order to spread the good reputation of the Midnight Sons. The Sons provide her with new identities as they are required (based on her longer-than-normal lifespan) that are generally related somehow to explain the ‘family resemblance’, and she continues - in all of of her identities - to be an active member of the Canadian Forces, often as a trainer at various CFB’s in the North and never rising above the Rank of Army Sergeant-Major in order to not garner too much attention.

<Note - LOTS of opportunities here for PC Ties!!! Let me know what works for you, and we’ll include it in!> 1972 - 1974: Spends time in Vancouver and then Northern BC, aiding in the search for the Seer Assassins of the Sage of the West. January 1983 - September 1986: She is posted by The Midnight Sons to an outpost along the border of Alaska. This outpost is one of the very few not attacked by whatever it is that virtually wiped out the entirely of the Sons. She and several others - led by now-General Sutter - travel the northern wastes investigation the attacks, and looking for survivors. Her mentor is among the dead. Virtually nothing is ever found out about the attacks, and the surviving Midnight Sons become somewhat embittered that not only are the deaths glossed over by the Southern Concillia and Arrow Colleges, but also that their investigations are not taken more seriously nor aid given to assist them in their endeavours. September 1986 - June 1996: 'Atos acts as one of the primary recruiters and trainers for the rebuilding of The Midnight Sons. She both travels a great deal in this decade, and also trains many Adamantine Arrow in the skills of Adamant Hand and hand-to-hand combat. Although a recruiter, it is also her duty at this time to act as the ‘eyes and ears’ of the High Command of The Midnight Sons, gathering information, intelligence, and support from the various Concilia across the country. This is one of the few times since WWII that she is not a part of the Canadian Forces, her ‘identity’ dying in the September as it is necessary that she travel extensively, something not able to occur as a member of the Forces.

1992: 'Atos is sent to bring Bagheera north for his time of service with The Sons after his ‘incident’. She takes a shine to the young man, and does what she can to aid in his training.

June 1996 - June 2013: 'Atos take upon her most recent ‘incarnation/identity’, joining the Canadian Forces at the ‘age’ of 20 in 1996, the identity arranged by General Sutter. After basic training, she is posted to Canadian Forces Northern Area, serving between Yellowknife and Whitehorse throughout the next nearly 20 years. She acts as one of the primary trainers in Arctic survival training, and in scouting and recon. These two CFB’s are each a front for The Midnight Sons activities in the North. Within a few years she also enters Canadian Special Operations Forces Command. In her role within The Midnight Sons she acts as senior scout.

June 2013: 'Atos leads a scouting mission to a location controlled by the Scelesti in Alberta North-East of Edmonton near Elk Point at a Salt Mine, and thought to be something called a ‘Salt Cellar’. Upon approach to the entrance to the mine, the group is ambushed when two large salt pillar carvings explode, sending shrapnel everywhere. After calling a retreat, and remaining behind to ensure that as many Midnight Sons as possible are able to escape, things get fuzzy as she is shot in the head - likely, she assumes, with magical bullets.

June 2014: Ayiana suddenly come to her senses in the middle of the icy chill of the north, surrounded by a group of unfamiliar mages. She sees an unfamiliar women appear across the group behind the main group, before one of the mages turns instinctively and decapitates her with a viscous-looking blade. Ayiana falls to her knees in a struggle to remain conscious. Unfamiliar voices speak at the edge of her consciousness: “Diamond. Where the fuck did that bitch come from?” “Forget her, the councilor is escaping….What about the….” “The thrall has served her purpose. Now…” 'Atos hears the sound of a gun cocking and being fired, and feels the pain of being shot point-blank in the head.

July 2014: Ayiana wakes up from a coma in Hamilton, Ontario in the care of the Adamantine Arrow.


Known Associates

  • Tink
  • Exodus
  • Bagheera

Known Adversaries

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OOC Information

Player: Leanne White

CaM Number: CA200311013

Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada