Aslaug Ragnarsdottir

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Character Information

"Fár bregður hinu betra ef hann veit hið verra." — The Saga of Grettir the Strong, chapter 78


Deed Names:
Vengeance of Sif (Elder)
Seiðr’s Sacrifice (Athro)
Wisdom of Vanir (Adren)
Vor's Judgement (Fostern)
Baldr's Promise (Cliath)

Auspice: Theurge
Tribe:Get of Fenris
Position: Jarl of the South East
Notable Traits: Mark of the Predator, Get of Fenris Pure Breed x4

The Fenrir called Aslaug, daughter of Ragnar, carries herself with a supreme air of power despite her diminutive size. Standing at just over five feet and boasting the tell-tale platinum blond hair and fierce blues eyes of fine breeding (Pure Breed x4), the Elder Theurge is every inch the mystic and warrior.

Traditionally, her attire consists of finely-tanned leathers transformed into functional clothing. Leather pants of dark brown, a leather half-bodice of black and the odd leather satchel thrown about her shoulder most often adorn Aslaug's figure.

Ever-present at her side, the powerful Fetish weapon known as the Hammer of Red Winds hangs at-ease. The hammer, forged, carved and leather-worked with the absolute peak of craftsmanship, is smaller than most Fenrir warhammers (making it ideal for throwing). A score of various powers have, off and on, been attributed to the Fetish ranging from the ability to bestow flight to the quaking of an oncoming thunder-clap.

Scions of Vanir

The Scions of the Vanir are a deeply spiritual line of Fenrir who can trace their lineage back several generations. Believing themselves hand-chosen to act as warriors of the Gods, each member of the lineage is expected to undertake and master at least one style of combat and/or craft before the enter the age of maturity.

The Scions of the Vanir are deeply superstitious, placing a great deal of emphasis on the importance of divination, Rune Casting and maintaining a positive relationship with the Norn. Once a year, the Scions of the Vanir gather in the freezing winters to celebrate their reverence for the future-seeing Spirits.

- Falk Ragnar Brandtson + Gyda 'Heimdal's Vigil' Lindstrom (Fenrir, Ahroun)
| |
- -Asger 'Aesir's Victory' Falk (Fenrir, Galliard) + Astrid Hanson
| |
- - -Ragnar 'Shatters the Mountain' Asgerson (Fenrir, Ahroun) + Eira Bergstrom (Kinfolk)
| |
- - - -Aslaug Ragnarsdottir (Fenrir, Theurge)/ Hank Ragnarson (Anderson) (SiSe, Theurge)
| |
- - -Ragnar 'Shatters the Mountain' Asgerson (Fenrir, Ahroun) + Arnbjörg Jager (Kinfolk)
| |
- - - -Brandt "Song of Steel" Ragnarson (Fenrir, Galliard)/Giselle Jager (Fenrir, Kinfolk)

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Rumors & Quotes


"You couldn't kill me if you tried for a hundred years." — Lagertha, Vikings

Pfddot.png"Our pack Fenrir? I'm sure there's a lot that could be said...but just go read the Chronicles of the Norse Gods in your spare time. They get pretty close to how epic she actually is."Howl-of-Thunder
Pfddot.png"Thor. She's Thor. My packmate is Femme Thor. How cool is that?"Keeper-of-Scion
Pfddot.png"She's my sister, without question. Where I picked up the world of AKs and silencers? She picked up warhammers and shields. Together? We're about the most lethal brother-sister pair you'll ever meet."Ghost Writer
Pfddot.png"The Apache say 'it is better to have less thunder in the mouth and more lightning in the hand'. She is the truth to that proverb."Secrets Unearthed
Pfddot.png"She's a master of very weapon you put in her hand, she can stand through a hail of wounds unharmed and she can fucking fly. Is there really anything else you need to know?"Feather's Weight
Pfddot.png"My sister is everything a Fenrir should be: strong, fierce, proud and determined. She embodies the Tribe, and she shines brighter than the sun. I treasure her wisdom, I admire her ferocity...most importantly, I love her."Giselle Jager
Pfddot.png"I find you wise."Bows-Only-to-Fenris, Jarl of the Fenrir
Pfddot.png"I am Wendigo. She is Fenrir. Our histories should make us enemies, and yet we are friends. Perhaps, in our unity, there will be progress."Wakes-the-Winter
Pfddot.png"Aslaug-Rhya? Yeah I've heard the name, who hasn't? She's a pretty straight shooter and has managed to say some pretty poignant shit. But she kinda reminds me of a movie quote that goes a little something like this, "You punched me in the boob! Prepare to die, obviously." - Roxy Richter (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World) "Alvarez
Pfddot.png"I conceal my secrets because I am a trickster. She conceals them because she is sublime."Hela Vördottir
Pfddot.png"Words Words Words"Name


Player: Gretchen Suzanne
Auspice: Theurge
Tribe: Get of Fenris
Camp: Valkyrie of Freyja
Position: Jarl of the Southeast
Rank: Elder
Sept: None, Anruth
VST: Auburn VST

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