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Public Information

Court dawn.png

Born: Cassandra Tyler

Alias: Asma Button

Seeming: Wizened

Kith: Inventor/Chirurgeon

Court: Dawn

Entitlement: The Family of Silent Nights

Titles: Sister

Current Location: Manhattan, KS



Mask: Easily lost in a crowd, Asma is one of the few characters that can go unnoticed for time because she looks like your typical straight-iron strawberry-blonde. She has an average, yet narrow frame, which barely tells you she is female. She wears heavy eyeliner with one of the deepest set of blue eyes that you have ever seen and then usually does a pale pink lip gloss just to offset it a bit.

Mein: On the contrary, Asma looks like a little tinkerer of sorts with overly long fingers and hair the color of an early sunrise. Her eyes are a deep sea blue color with the corneas almost unseen even during the best of light. She is very pale considering that she is a part of the dawn court. Though with that notion aside, and the tinge of muted blues and purples of her skin, she agile with attaching crafted limbs or armor to other members of society.

Mantle: Asma's mantle tends to alter other's mantles in odd ways. For example there have been instances were a Summer Courtier got a little too close to her and found out the sunflowers followed Asma while she was near. While others, of the South Court, found their light heat a cooler temperature than expected. Then there was the Spring Courtier, who's dead roses looked a bit more lively. For the most part, just be forewarned that your mantle might be altered for a moment or two when you are near to her. Her mantle always seems to cause the opposite of what is expected to happen with it.

Usual Appearance: Asma usually has three or four layers of clothing that she is dressed in. Outside of work she tends to leave her hood up. From there it seems like there is an extra half-inch is taken from the left sleeve and the right leg cuff, or that a pocket is sewed shut or shorter than the other one. Then the patches seen on some of her jeans seem to be cut at less than perfect angles. Either way, other's eyes are unable to place exactly what is going on with her outfit of this 5' 4" gal. She likes to wear heavy eyeliner and pale pink lip gloss.

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