Assain Lintilla

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Assain Lintilla

Player: Ravee Mac
Character: Assain Lintilla
Clan: Ventrue
Covenant: Invictus
Status: Anaheim -
Invictus - ●
Clan Ventrue - ●
Domain: Anaheim, CA
VST: Erick Quiñones

Character Information

Name: Assain Lintilla

Clan: Ventrue

Covenant: Invictus


City of Anaheim -
Invictus - ●
Clan Ventrue - ●

Known History

Introduced to the Court of Anaheim in June 2013, Assain seemed distant and detached, recently awoken from torpor. Escorted around by her Clanmate, Sapien von Myr'tor, she slowly made herself at home within the Golden City of Anaheim.

As of late, she's slowly withdrawn more and more into the comfort of her Haven, not going to too many social functions, her last public appearance being late 2013.

Only Known to the Invictus

House: Scion of Maison du Fouette
Full Title: Madame Assain Lintilla
Faction: None
Status: Acknowledged within the Invictus (Covenant Status 1)

Only Known to the Ventrue

Sire: Alder Katerina Hawthorne
Broodmates: None
Ventrue Lineage: Hawthorne (Greater Family)
Status: Acknowledged within the Ventrue (Clan Status 1)


To be Added

OOC Information

Player Name: Ravee Mac

MES Number: US2013060119

Location: Orange County, CA