Astrid Jönsson

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Clan: Caitiff

Bloodline: none

Faction: Camarilla

City: Domain of Desoto, MO

Notable Traits:

  • Her movements are measured and purposeful, as though they've been practiced many times.
  • She seems cautious, almost overly so around large groups of other kindred.

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  • none



  • none

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  • "Whether you are adopted by us formally or not, you are a Marcos to me." - Lydia Marcos
  • "It is not often that I see one jump so high to help when one is so young." - Lacey Roubideaux
  • "I have not seen one so young try so hard for acceptance that she does not need. If she simply stops

to accept herself instead of seeking the acceptance of others she will be a force to behold." - Ridley Besnik

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  • Her life was spared the night of her embrace, and she has been grateful ever since.
  • She seems so week in blood that it is wondered if she has powers at all.
  • She seems accustom to a life of servitude.

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OOC Information

Character Information
Clan: Caitiff
Sect: Camarilla
City: St. Louis, MO
Player: Abigail Jonson
Storyteller: St. Louis Masquerade VST

Player name: Abigail Jonson
MES #: US2013100113
Domain: St. Louis, MO