Asvald Grettirsen

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Character Information
Clan: Mekhet •••••
City: Los Angeles, CA •••
Player: Adam Dafforn
Storyteller: Darold Morris

Character Information


Name: Asvald Grettirsen

Clan: Mekhet

Bloodline: Norvegi

Covenant: Circle of the Crone

Status: Admired Shadow

Notable Traits: Asvald is usually seen with his backwards hat with pins and patches all over it. Across his knuckles are Futhark Rune Stone Tattoos and spell out a title. His denim vest is decorated with knotwork that depicts the world tree and several creatures of myth upon it. He walks with a limp and never speaks English in public

Title or Position:

  • Princes Harpy of Los Angeles;
  • Goði of the Æsir;
  • Keeper of New Uppsalla,
  • Jarl of Jotunheim,
  • Rex Nemorensis of the South West,
  • Patriarch of the House of Knives




Arya Ajit

Sara Kuar


Known Associates

Known Adversaries

It is Complicated

Words That Are Known

Known to Have Said

  • "Hallo."
  • "Words are power, to know their meaning shows the godliness in us all."
  • "You will know pain, you will know exhaustion and you will know humiliation. And once you finally beg for your release, you will start again from the top, just to make sure you have fully learned these lessons."

Words Spoken Of

  • "He's like an old man on the mountain....with better daggers." -- Joan Black
  • "AAAASVAAALD!" -Alder Ragnar Soren
  • "He is as honest as any man that serves Loki is capable of being. And he is ever so devout." - Alder Rowan Ragnardottar
  • "Goti Grettirsen's tongue may be silvered, but it's no less forked." - Sir Richter Rowansen
  • "My Son is quite the "Acolyte", I don't have many...but he makes me proud." - Sara Kuar
  • * "Of all my children...Asvald makes me smile the broadest. Violence and Chaos live in him, and through him...he is a catalyst, and that makes me love him." - Sara Kuar
  • "A wonderful example of an Acolyte." - Arya Ajit
  • " any great aspect of Loki, just by his mere presence, you learn something or are reminded of something. He brings me back to our roots" - Sabine Bjornson
  • "Timothy. Timothy, Timothy, Timothy. It's the alleyways. It's always the alleyways, my friend." – Georgina Godfrey
  • "Goði Grettirsen makes an excellent worshiper of Loki, I would not trust such a fiendish trickster to have my back in any circumstance much less one where the safety of a House member was involved." -Dame Ingifríðr Ragnardottar
  • "This man is of great value to my clan, I only wish he would speak english." Earl MacReedy
  • "It seems often I am unpleasantly surprised by the additions to my family. This time, it was a happy surprise." - Arya Ajit
  • "There is a reason I have not spoken to my sire in over 200 years, and I bear his name as a reminder." - Lilliana Asvaldsdottir
  • "He looks at me like he wants to either eat me up, or keep me in a cage...I'm not cool with either....and he needs joy in his life....unlife...whatever." - Belladonna
  • "Rumor has it that I should be dead. It's really a shame we didn't meet sooner. By now, I imagine drinking nights would be quite enjoyable rather than necessary." - Celeste Chevalier
  • "A treacherous sort, and I have my grievances with him and visa versa. However, I respect him as a warrior and he has given pause to me to reflect upon my own shortcomings." -Dwight Klosterman
  • "There are times when I think Asvald wants to eat me...and not in that good way." - Maddie Sissylala
  • "I find him frustrating, confusing, stubborn, and utterly fascinating at every turn. It confuses me that an Acolyte should command as much of my respect as he does but... he does." - Cardinal Iyeremiya Garin



  • Is not actually a Kindred but a strong Ghoul.
    • The truly twisted suggest he is actually a ghoul plant of Alder Ragnar Soren.
  • Is actually the Infamous Arch Diablarist of Stockholm.
  • Burned Stockholm to the ground, to hide his crimes.
  • Asvald is the mortal brother of Ragnar Soren; their dispute is a long running family argument that has gotten way out of hand.
  • His fangs were removed in Germany by an Invictus Prince as punishment, and he refuses to regrow them out of spite.
  • apparently wants to kill everyone in Los Angeles and is the mastermind behind all bad things there.
  • Is so evil has plotted the deaths of his longest allies each month since June 2013 with new an inventive ways.
  • Has mentioned his fear publically of the Sons of Carthage.
  • Controls three high ranking members of House Skold from strings unseen
  • Asvald is a neonate vampire who was dominated into believing he is a God as a joke by a Kallisti after he made fun of her dress.
  • He makes so many childer so he can plant them as infiltrators. For every one known, there are two created at the same time to serve as such agents.
  • Had his right hand mangled as payment for occult knowledge from an "Unknown" source.
  • Was once a changeling, but found a way to become embraced and is looking for ways to become a True Fae.
  • Is developing a new cruac ritual to bring Kindred back from the underworld. He is doing so, by communicating with Demons, and ghosts to find loopholes in the the laws of the Underworld.

OOC Information

Player: Adam Dafforn

MES Number: US2002023456

Location: Los Angeles, CA