Asya Petrova

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Apocalypse PC

Player: Kaela W.
Character: Asya Petrova
Auspice: Ragabash
Tribe: Silver Fangs
Breed: Homid
Position: Gatekeeper, Den Mother
Rank: Adren
Glory: •••
Honor: •••
Wisdom: •••
Pure Breed: •••
Domain: NY-012-I
VST: VST Storyteller Charles Waterman

Silver fangs.jpg

Character Information

Name: Anastasia "Asya" Petrova

Deed Name:Lokabrenna, Serebro Pitchka (Little Silver Bird)

Breed: Homid

Auspice: Ragabash

Tribe: Silver Fang

Rank: Adren

Position: Keeper of the Land at New Hope Dawning

Domain: NY-012-D

Notable Traits

  • Pure Breed 3
  • Natural Leader
  • House Gleaming Eye
  • House Castillo
  • Keeper of the Land


One on her hip resembling the rune Hagalaz.

Allies and Companions

Bragging Rights

  • Marked by Lion (White lock of Hair on left side)


  • Hasn't been the same since returning from Alaska


"So most garou treat spirits like neckbeards treat their women, they put kindness coins in and hope gifts fall out?" - learning about chiminage

Word on the Street

  • "Asya? A garou and a Lady. No, that is not a contradiction. She may wage war on a different field than most, in ways many cannot understand.... but never mistake that there is an iron fist under that lace glove." ~ Miguel Castillo
  • "Lokabrenna-rhya is a dedicated and smart Garou. She has a side of compassion she doesn't like to advertise, but just watch her with the kinfolk. She's clever and not afraid to get her hands dirty. There should be more people like her." ~ Andi Howls-at-Dawn.
  • "Asya teaches me things. How to dress. How to eat. How to be kind, always." -Dany
  • "She is a curious example of our kind. Our legacy is hot, wrathful slaughter. The urge and ability to murder in the name of righteousness is in our blood...and yet, she goes out of her way to defy it. I'm not sure if it makes her greatest or the least of us." ~M. Eastman
  • "Her deed name should be Warrior of Words. I'm still not sure why it isn't yet."~ Ylva Ulvkriger
  • "This girl right here... Is a ray of sunshine. I'd jump at the chance to adventure with her again!" ~ Lilly-Bloodstone
  • "She was utterly comfortable sitting in the middle of a circle of Shadow Lords, which either means she is either very naive or very cunning" ~ Peter Berkowski
  • "Strangle accepting. Moderately clever. Whatta ya know? The number of Silver Fangs that I'm willing to work with just doubled." ~ Kat
  • "Look I found a Silver Fang I can actually get along with... this is new." ~ Finds
  • "For a Silver Fang your actually easy to deal with it would be a pleasure to work with you again. ~ Howls

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