Athanasios Koutopolis

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Accord PC

Player: Travis Page
Creature Type: Changing Breed
Division: The Vault
City: Colorado Springs CO
VST: Sean Bergeman

  Character Information

Changing Breed Wing Folk 2.jpg

 Name: Athanasios Koutopolis

 Creature Type: Strigoi


 Accord Status: 2

 Notable Traits:   *Athanasios is known for dealing with the dead, and his uncanny ability to tell how something died.
  *Athanasios tends to constantly eat, and he prefers meat, and orange Gatorade.

 Position and Title:

   Known Information

 *Athanasios is a known Private Detective, and is currently working out of Colorado Springs Colorado.
 *He was involved in the first major gathering of Accord Members in Hays Kansas in June 2013, his exact role is mostly unknown.
 *He is now the head medical officer for the Cell in Colorado Springs. He is also a Lieutenant for the Cell.


Athanasios in his Owl Form
Athanasios in his Human Form


 * The Vault


 PRIMARY MOTIVATOR   Understanding
 EMOTIONAL DISPOSITION   Curios & Antipathic
 OUTLOOK   Pessimistic & Cynical
 INTEGRITY   Unscrupulous & Slipshod
 IMPULSIVENESS   Controlled & Focused
 BOLDNESS   Cautious & Vigilant
 FLEXIBILITY   Flexible & Adaptable
 AFFINITY   Cold & Self Absorbed
 COMPORTMENT   Discordant & Arrogant
 INTERACTIVITY   Reserved & Taciturn
 DISCLOSURE   Secretive & Evasive
 CONFORMITY   Heterodox & Rebellious

    *Collects odd things
    *Constantly Eating
    *Hates the Spirit World


  Professions and Skills

    *Private Detective
    *Coroners Assistant
    * Practitioner of Death Magic

  Known Associates

  • (Roger Thorpe)
  • (Add yourself)


  • (Teeth and Thumbs are amazing. I don't have to swallow rocks, and I can grab things. You humans really don't know what you have.)
  • "Why do I call him Yogurt? Dude, have you heard his name? I have one of his business cards floating around, I still can't pronounce it while reading it. So, as Greek yogurt is awesome, and this guy can be awesome, it was easy. If we hadn't gone with that, it would have been a renaming to 'Opah!' instead." - Katja Grettasdottir
  • "Nat, is an odd one but friendly and has been a customer of Hearth and Home for the past couple of years, he also seems to take things in stride." - Adela


  • (Athanasios eats the hearts of those he has killed.)
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  • Caravan Palace
  • Alice Francis


  • Cast a Deadly Spell
  • Maltese Falcon

  OOC Info

 Player: Travis Page

 MES Number: US2002021965