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Awakening PC

Player: Justin
Path: Moros
Order: Silver Ladder ••
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Consilium: ••
City: Los Angeles
VST: Dave

Birth Name: That's a bit personal, isn't it?

Shadow Name: Athanor

Sleeper Alias: Fred Lamont

Titles: Famulus of the Vox Draconis, Factotum, Provost of the Silver Ladder for the Consilium of Los Angeles, Master of Matter

Learned with Worker's Blood

Earth: Societal divisions are both artifices of the Lie and weapons to use against it.

Athanor grew up learning all about the importance of organization. His family always had strong ties to organized labor, and his parents worked on the docks and in construction. He knew what it meant to build the pillars of society and ensure those on the low end of the totem pole had plenty to support themselves. His worldviews weren't tempered by class warfare, but by an ideal situation where the workers and the bosses came together to form a more perfect organization. The world, however, came to disagree.

Water: Mankind follows its leaders. Collective action can change the course of history.

Athanor joined up with a construction firm right out of high school, using his earnings to pay for night classes. Things went well for a few years, but then the market utterly crashed in 2008. And from its wreckage, a new narrative seemed to emerge across the nation. Those at the top deserved what they had. Those at the bottom deserved what those at the top could spare. And any effort to do otherwise would result in mighty and terrible consequences from the elites. Athanor looked on the situation and took steps to have a more active hand in the construction union, Local 802. He felt the need to do something, at least.

Fire: Morality is important. That which is immoral, selfish, or tyrannical must be purified.

He doesn't quite know why he Awakened. There was a fair bit of stress - negotiations over health care weren't going well, everyone was working overtime to get the latest project done on time, and everywhere he looked, he saw some new bastion of greed. It was during a job in Downtown LA that his mystery play started. He looked up from the work site to see the US Bank building in the distance, only it had been replaced with a pillar of worn ivory. The steel girder in his hand was rust as solid as titanium. Trying to process the sensation, he barely heard the cable snap overhead - and the pulley came down on his head, knocking him out. As he struggled to hold on to life, he found himself in the guts of a big machine, specters manning its stations and turning gears of polished jet. From its workings, he plucked a spear of bone, and carved his name on the Watchtower of the Lead Coin.

Air: The world is a Lie, and all souls crave liberty. The ultimate liberty is Awakening.

When he got out of the hospital, Athanor dove into the Consilii of Los Angeles, seeking a way to bring the world the vision he had seen. He found his answer in the Vox Draconis, and its designs towards Hieraconis. While still a relative novice in the Ladder, Athanor has taken the reins of one of the local Cryptopolies, aiming to stir revelation and determination amongst the Sleepers. With recent affairs in Los Angeles, he sees the need for solidarity amongst the Consilium, and to protect the Sleepers from the Lions of the world.


The items on Athanor's person become more resolute; a cotton shirt grows tough as a steel breastplate, and a wrench takes on the luster of a scepter. Around him, however, rises the scent of iron dissolving in aqua regia.


Pluto - A fellow Thearch and scholar in the alchemical arts.

Trevor McGowan - A veteran Deacon and Magister who's been instrumental in cementing Athanor's education in the Lex Magica.

OOC Information

Seeking ties with Uncrowned Kings, other Cryptopoly managers, fellow alchemists, and other crafters.

Player Name: Justin S.

Location: Los Angeles, CA