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Known to the Accord (IC Info)

Character Overview


Name: Athena Megalospyropoulos
Nicknames: Miss Faust (by Dash), Rarity (also by Dash), Hel or Hela (by Arien), Ereshkigal (by Julian Silvasi)
Creature Type: Mortal Thaumaturge
Notable Traits: Striking Looks 4, filthy rich
Title or Positon: Master Gatekeeper


Athena walks with the composure and confidence of a runway model. She's tall (5'11"), slender, curvaceous, with flawlessly fair skin and legs that don't quit.

Her hair is silver-white, with a gentle curl, and hangs nearly to her knees when braided into a single cue. It looks like it's never been cut or trimmed. She she has strangely odd eyes: one amber-green, one blue.

When stressed she's known to smoke long thin elegant looking cigarettes, and drink ouzo like water. When not, she likes to lie around in the sun doing not much, reading one book or another. Sometimes she's vague, often away in a dream world of her own, seeming more interested in other realms than the one before her.

Her clothes tend to the comfortable, rather than the fashionable; long flowing dresses, long tops over leggings or jeans. She is, however, quite capable of wowing the fashion-elite when she wants or needs, and is often seen in the latest styles at one nightclub or another.

Two things never leave her ensemble: an antique key on a chain around her neck, and an antique gold locket that hangs just above it.


Friends and Enemies

Max being cute
The 'Aylos', Athena's yacht
MegaShipping Group flag
'Water Witch'

IC Rumours


  • has a history of mental illness.
  • is a witch. A real witch.
  • really likes to party.
  • was thrown out of three European boarding schools.
  • once had an affair with a demon.
  • has had a recent trauma she doesn't speak of.
  • comes from a very normal family.
  • almost dropped out of university because she was having an affair with an older man.
  • has a small drug problem.
  • once admitted to murder.
  • "sees dead things".
  • doesn't seem interested in sexual advances.
  • keeps the company of demons.
  • claims to be 'sapiosexual'.

IC Quotes

From her...

  • "Shhhh ... can't you see I'm reading?"
  • "There's no hurry, tomorrow's soon enough."
  • "The Old Man would have a fit if I..."
  • "The more you think you know, the less you do."

About her...

  • "You haven't lived until you've brought up the sun with this one." Eva Carlisle
  • "I only had to hear her say 'dramah' once and I liked her already. Thankfully she lets me call her by first name now, I thought my tongue would never come undone." Julie Carter
  • "Simply stunning, engrossing and a rapier wit, this young lady may be the full package" - Dash
  • "She... strikes me as a friendly one. Otherwise, I know little about her and she knows less about me. Fair enough, considering how much I owe this woman." - 43
  • "I like Athena. I wish more people around San Juan had her grace and charm. I think life would be a lot smoother for everyone." - Dr. Julian Silvasi
  • "You and Athena are cats. You go where you damned well please." - Arien Loki Nightshade to Julian Silvasi
  • "Athena is the kindest platonic friend I have known for months...we all need a lovely Goddess like her." - Jackson

OOC Character Information

Basic Timeline


dates are currently tentative

  • 1986, June 15th - born in Athens, Greece
  • 1986, Oct - 4 mths - Athena's mother abandons the family, leaving Athena's father to raise her
  • 1992, Jan - age 5 - first governess dies mysteriously
  • 1994, Oct - age 8 - second governess resigns
  • 1998, Feb - age 11 - third governess resigns
  • 1998, Aug - age 12 - sent to boarding school in Italy
  • 1999, Sep - age 13 - sent to boarding school in Spain, meets Lupe
  • 1999, Dec - Age 13 - at school for holidays, attacked by a ghost on Christmas eve
  • 2001, Aug - age 15 - sent to boarding school in Germany, where she has Stephen Smith as an instructor
  • 2002, Sep - age 16 - meets Nazlee, who invites her outside of school (against rules) to attend a party
  • 2002, Oct - age 16 - becomes an 'Apostle'
  • 2002, Nov - age 16 - returns home for reasons undisclosed
  • 2003, Jan - age 16 - meets Raphael Szemere, who he comes to Athena's father with a proposal for an arranged marriage between Athena and one of his grandchildren. Athena refuses, and Raphael goes away.
  • 2003, Jul - age 17 - meets Dea Tacita on the beach in the south of France while holidaying
  • 2003, Aug - age 17 - commences university study in Athens, law and history
  • 2004, Jun - age 18 - meets Danica Barrows at her 18th birthday party, they become friends
  • 2005, Apr - age 18 - meets Griggs, becomes his apprentice
  • 2007, Aug - age 21 - graduates university while continuing to work with Griggs fulltime
  • 2007, Oct - age 21 - Griggs finally introduces her to the Gatekeepers, formally becoming his apprentice there
  • 2008, Jun - age 22 - Meets Julian Silvasi, they have a brief affair
  • 2009, Jan - age 22 - meets Selma at one of Danica's parties at Ether
  • 2009, Jul - age 23 - meets John Carver at a resort in Spain, when he fixes her air-con one night, and they get talking.
  • 2009, Aug - age 23 - promoted to Gatekeeper Journeyman
  • 2010, May - age 23 - Athena comes back from an assignment to no Griggs, and no idea where he's gone
  • 2010, Oct - age 24 - meets Eva Carlisle and Lisette at an occult society Halloween party in London
  • 2012, Feb - age 25 - promoted to Gatekeeper Master
  • 2012, Dec - age 26 - goes home to deal with family issues
  • 2013, Sep - age 27 - comes to PR

Accord PC

Player: Morte O.
Creature Type: Thaumaturge
Division: Gatekeepers
City: Puerto Rico
VST: VST PR Accord

Current Activities

Owns a house in San Juan, in a secure gated community. Well, it's a mansion really. Her yacht, the 'Aylos', is moored at the San Juan marina for the winter. Now and then she comes in to visit Un Arbol Cell HQ. Most of the time, she's either out patrolling, or relaxing while researching.


Born the only child of a Greek shipping magnate, she comes from a lot of money, and she lets you know it. Athena is carefree, blatant about her wealth, careless with her money, and sometimes vapid (at least in public). She's attended a lot of private boarding schools across Europe, and university at home in Greece (having completed degrees in Business Law and Social History [in Thanatology]).

Her deal with her father is; stay out of trouble, and you can have as much money as you like. So she does, publicly. Her behaviour is expected of a billionaire's daughter, in all ways but one: she is never in the media, never shameful to her father. As a result, she sails around the world on her private fully staffed yacht, living the high life.

Those who really know her know of her carefully selected library, her ritual room, and the Dark One she communes with under cover of night, doing the work of The Accord. She's not all happy-go-lucky, though; there's a darker side to her, skeletons in her attic. Catch her off guard and the depths of what she's experienced and seen shows in her strange eyes.

OOC Player Information

Player: morte o.
WTG Number: ww1997100168
Location: Trade Winds, WTG

OOC Disclaimer

All information on this wiki is considered OOC unless you've learned it in game, or it is explicitly specified that the information is IC.
This wiki does not exist IC in this format, and is merely a collection of information about the character as a permanent record, and for OOC entertainment.