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Character Information
Clan: Gangrel ••••
City: Saint Louis, Missouri •••••
Player: Dominic F
Storyteller: Richard Whatley

Character Information

  • Clan: Gangrel
  • Bloodline: Unknown
  • Covenant: Invictus
  • Full Titles:

His Grace, Alder Atilio,
Duke and Prince of Saint Louis,
Meister of Prodigia Soldiers Guild

Public Timeline:

Notable Features:

Lineage: the Dragao

  • Asher Al-Khalid (Columbus, GA - Invictus)
  • Irmiyaa Uzair (Aken, SC - Invictus)
  • Isabella Montero y Montoya (Sierra Vista, AZ - Lancea Sanctum)
    • Miguel (Sierra Vista, AZ - Lancea Sanctum)
    • Tobias Sage Bedford III (Sierra Vista, AZ - Lancea Sanctum)
  • Nathaniel Buford Emerson (Saint Louis, MO - Invictus)
  • Alexi Kalashnikov XLVII (Cincinnati, OH - Lancea Sanctum)
  • Obadiah Thorn (Oklahoma City, OK - Carthian Movement)
  • Rabbi Yosef Ben-Israel (Los Angeles, CA - Ordo Dracul)



  • "I am constantly surrounded by the Unconquered, but rarely do I find one who is the true meaning of that. Atilio is what every Invictus only wishes they were....the supreme predator." Sara Kuar
  • "He makes sense." Lord Quinn of House Quinn
  • "His is a voice I respect. I don't always agree with him. But he speaks directly, passionately, and intelligently. Which is the best sort of person to disagree with. They either persuade you to change the error of your ways, or see reason with an intelligent argument. Either way, progress." Khalid Ibn Sahir
  • "Flippant in his demeanor, far to familiar for my taste, and lacking much of the rigor compared to northern counter parts, but I shall never say that his methods do not seem to be effective nor bountiful for him." ~ Ser Lodewijk Van Tollenaar
  • Atilio: "So you used to be a Soldier?" Dame Knight Steele: "You can call it that. I prefer to call it a gun whore."
  • "Invictus who are so tickled at their own constant use of words like innovative and progressive always remind me of an 8-year-old who just learned how to say fuck - but more annoying." - Atilio
  • "It is an honor to have been selected for his prestigious vassalage. He acts as a true Liege Lord, not a Pokemon Trainer." - Dame Knight Steele
  • "The epitome of grace, Viceroy Atilio was very understanding concerning the chaotic nature of the gathering and my need to depart." - Harpy Damien Mastersen
  • "Atilio understands, I believe, what it means to hold on to his humanity in the face of the Beast's instincts and ravings. I am less certain he understands how to listen to the Beast's wisdom in the face of humanity's reason and caution. We will see." - Ilya
  • "I once served vassalship under Duke Atilio, he taught me a very important lesson and said words to me I still follow to this day nearly 5 centuries later, 'Listen to your blood'." Lucrezia Le Jumel
  • "Duke Atilio has one of the rarest qualities; He does not often speak, and when he does, he means it." - Johanne Fleischer
  • "I adore the Alder Atilio, but maybe it's because he says what needs to be said." - Celeste Chevalier
  • "Excuse her. She has resting bitch voice. She doesn't mean it." - Atilio speaking frankly of Knight Steele
  • "He leads with a natural grace that few possess and none can counterfeit." - Gwyneth Loreth


  • Atilio is well-known for not introducing himself with his titles, believing that they should be known and, if they aren't known, they aren't worth saying. This has gotten more than a few pretentious Invictus up-and-comers in trouble.
  • Atilio has been known to be quite irate at kindred using the Soldier title flippantly or as an excuse to be little more than a thug. They do not last long under his gaze.
  • If you gather all 7 dragonballs, Atilio will grant you a wish.
  • If Atilio says his name backwards, he is forced to go back to his haven.
  • He was missing for a year because he went to Rio for Carnivale and got drunk. REALLY DRUNK. You would not believe what happened.
  • He was missing for a year because he was somehow knocked into torpor.
  • He was missing for a year because he was hanging out in Brazil and staying away from crazy American Invictus.

OOC Information

Player Name D.F.

MES Number US2004122501

Location MO-028-D