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Child of Haqim

"...He has honor if he holds himself to an ideal of conduct...
...though it is inconvenient, unprofitable, or dangerous to do so..."

Mahdi al-Azim Abdul-Rahim: The Chosen Guardian, Servant of the Most Compassionate One.
Clan: Banu Haqim, Schismatic Warrior.
Titles: Archon to His Grace, Justicar Husayn al-Fatin (2011-Present). Exemplar of the Camarilla. Former Archon to the Ventrue Justicar Michaellis (1751 - 1854). Rafiq, D'ai, Mu'awin ut-Tafweed and Ace of the Children of Haqim. Former Sheriff and Assamite Primogen of Dallas.
Status: Acknowledged by Prince Francis Villon of Paris (1608), Ancilla of Clan Assamite (1608), Effective by Prince Demitri Chesnokov of the Golden Triangle (2010), Proven* by Prince Katelyn Ward of Dallas (2010), Relentless by Prince Katelyn Ward of Dallas (2011), Heroic by Prince Nadia Rahira-Sabira of Dallas (2011), Feared and Empowered as Archon (2011). [*Not used]
Location: The Camarilla Domain of Dallas, Texas
Notable Traits: Jet black skin, green-hazel eyes, black hair. Dresses in all white; almost always wears a turban upon his head and a scarf as a veil over his face.

Known by Kindred Society

"...Rather fail with honor than succeed with fraud..."

Mahdi is extremely honorable and fanatically loyal to the Camarilla - and its members, so long as they follow the laws of their own sect. The one exception to this is that he will passionately argue that cruelty to and the unnecessary murder of mortals endangers the Masquerade. He takes the Laws of Haqim and the Traditions of the Camarilla very seriously. Though he has a rich history with the Arabic and Turkish cultures, he is not Muslim, but maintains great respect for the faith.

Despite his warring history, Mahdi is a nearly unending advocate for compassion almost to the point of pacifism. He will do everything he can to negotiate for a lesser punishment within Camarilla society when death is the verdict as a result of politics - excluding cases of diablerie, infernalism, cruelty to humanity, and breaking the Masquerade. He believes that Cainite and Human life is precious and has seen far too much death in his time. The sadness of so much death and war is tempered by tremendous hope for an even greater future where honor and order rule. In general, Mahdi sees Final Death as only justifiable if it prevents more death, or the death of innocents.

Mahdi is a man of an extremely graceful gait, posture that would make a Ventrue envious and a generally formal demeanor. When in doubt, he will treat newcomers and strangers with the height of hospitality and formality. Few get past his outer visage as an honor-obsessed Camarilla war machine constructed out of spare bits of Archons and Sheriffs, but those who do find an exceptionally lighthearted and loyal - even playful - companion for many nights to come.

When not under the Mask of a Thousand Faces to maintain the Masquerade, Abdul-Rahim frequently dresses in all white - in sharp contrast to his shiny, black skin. Traditional arabic garments are most common, often including some sort of headcover. Alternatively, Mahdi dresses in black when "going to war." Since this is a fairly rare occurrence, kindred familiar with Mahdi tend to be exceptionally wary when they see the extremely compassionate, nearly-pacifistic man in dark garb. Though he is skilled with many weapons, his weapons of choice will typically be a scimitar or two traditional kukris of his own crafting and from Damascan steel.

In speech, he has what would be known as a terse, laconic verse. He often speaks in a very straightforward manner though with a somewhat jovial dry wit - there is little in the way of flowery language. In fact, his sentences tend to be somewhat short and occasionally abrupt; the few exceptions being when someone gets him talking about philosophy, honor or smithing. Though he is learned in many languages and has long since learned how to speak without an Arabic or Turkish accent, he often does so intentionally.


Sire of Rashad al-Azim ibn Mahdi
Childe of Khalid al-'Asim
Childe of [Redacted]
Childe of Shirbanu
Childe of Bakr
Childe of Jamal
Childe of Haqim

Honor the Eldest among you, for he is to rule my house when I am absent.
Ward the mortals from Caine's descendants and treat them with honor in all things.
Slay not those of the Blood, for that Judgment is the for the Eldest alone.
Deceive not those of the Blood, for my house is founded on Truth.
Judge those of Caine's blood and punish them should they be found wanting.

Whispers on the Wind

"...I gave you the opportunity to rise above the petty treacheries..."


  • "I am constantly surrounded by the Unconquered, but rarely do I find one who is the true meaning of that. Atilio is what every Invictus only wishes they were....the supreme predator." - Sara Kuar
  • "He makes sense." - Lord Quinn of Chicago
  • "His is a voice I respect. I don't always agree with him. But he speaks directly, passionately, and intelligently. Which is the best sort of person to disagree with. They either persuade you to change the error of your ways, or see reason with an intelligent argument. Either way, progress." - Khalid ibn Sahir
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Chronicle Events

  • 2013 June - Atilio becomes Viceroy of the Great Lakes, founding the Great Lakes Inner Circle.


  • He is well-known for not introducing himself with his titles, believing that they should be known and, if they aren't known, they aren't worth saying. This has gotten more than a few pretentious Invictus up-and-comers in trouble.
  • He has been known to be quite irate at kindred using the Soldier title flippantly or as an excuse to be little more than a thug. They do not last long under his gaze.
  • If you gather all 7 dragonballs, Atilio will grant you a wish.
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Character Ties

Brothers and Sisters in Arms

  • Vaux - "If ever you needed proof that a noble soul can rise above the treachery and corruption from which it was born, look to Vaux."
  • Austin Shepherd - "I find comfort in knowing that this new breed of Sorceror will be a far heavier burden upon our enemies than it has been to me."
  • Nadia Rahira-Sabira - "It would take centuries to truly know her."
  • Caleb Ainsworth - "We agree frequently."
  • Katelyn Ward - "I rejoice whenever charisma, logic and compassion share the same voice."
  • Christian the Assamite - "I am fortunate that there are other Rafiq who share a keen understanding of what it means to be a 'Judge' without the ravenous genocide."
  • Calla - "She possesses the patience and careful consideration of one far beyond her age. Find comfort in her measured movements, for when they are absent, if you manage to see it coming, you will never stop her."
  • Isaiah Shepherd - "You will never understand Isaiah Shepherd until you realise that he is the Camarilla. Even were he to perish in honourable service, as long as the Camarilla lives, he is truly eternal."
  • Verbena - "My mentor. Verbena sponsored me into the Camarilla over four centuries ago, educating me in the ways of the Ivory Tower. There are none in the Camarilla at whose side I have fought more battles and few for whom I would more willingly lay down my life."
  • Anayis - "It would be foolish to underestimate her political expertise. I would not be surprised in the slightest were I to discover Anayis consulted the development of the Protocols of the Ivory Tower. Or if she authored them."
  • Petra Pieterzoon - "Once, a Royal Harpy divorced herself from lofty station, precious moments taken to reach down into society's pits of the scorned and outcast, to seek the companionship of a black-skinned 'beast,' considered worthy of naught but mockery and revulsion. There, she found her struggles and virtues reflected; there, an unlikely bond was forged. Three centuries have passed and the bond holds to this night, fast as steel: Petra is my friend."
  • Caillus - "To characterize Caillus as highly intelligent, vastly resourceful or incredibly well-connected would not adequately describe him; he is an asset to the Camarilla. His deeds have quickly earned my friendship."
  • Gabriel Sage - "To lavish compliments upon Gabriel would be to betray humility we are so alike; to harm him means to taste my blade, for you have harmed my brother, my son, my twin, and my inspiration."
  • Waise Schmied - "Some would say he has the look in his eyes of a berserker. I call that 'commitment.'"
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Armslength Acquaintances and Tense Associations

  • Jeremy Rybinski - "As they say, 'I am waiting for the other shoe to drop.' In fairness, I have been waiting for over three decades. I may have called him friend, in another life."
  • Jannat - "Though I cannot follow her path, it is my solemn duty to protect her right to walk it."
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Respected Rivals and Honored Opponents

  • Jibril al-Ameer - 2010: "He is exceptionally skilled at capitalising upon - and creating - opportunities." 2011: "He was mercifully exiled from my Clan and disowned by his illustrious sire; none could save him from the consequences of his actions when the patronage he betrayed was removed."
  • Khalid al-'Asim - 2010: "Sire." 2011: "Proof that there can be no justice where there is blind obedience."
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Those Waiting to be Judged [Enemies]

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OOC Information


Player: Dominic F
Member: US2004122501
Location: Saint Louis, MO

Inspiring Quotes

  • "Something given has no value - but when you vote, you are exercising political authority - you're using force. And force, my friends, is violence. The supreme authority from which all other authority are derived." "Naked force has resolved more issues throughout history than any other factor. The contrary opinion that violence never solves anything is wishful thinking at its worst - people who forget that always pay." "What is the difference between a citizen and a civilian?" Answer: "A citizen accepts personal responsibility for the safety of the body politic with his life - a civilian does not."- Starship Troopers
  • "Have you enjoyed God's latest gift? The violence?" "God loves violence. Why else would there be so much of it? It's in us, it's what we are. We wage war, we burn sacrifices and pillage and plunder and tear at the flesh of our brothers - and why, because God gave us violence to wage in his honor." (Response: "I thought God gave us moral order.") "There's no moral order as pure as this storm - there's no moral order at all. There's just this: can my violence conquer yours?" - Shutter Island
  • "Sometimes you have to pick the gun up to put the gun down." - Malcolm X
  • "People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf." - George Orwell

See, people with power understand exactly one thing: violence. - Noam Chomsky “The fury of a demon instantly possessed me. I knew myself no longer. My original soul seemed, at once, to take its flight from my body; and a more than fiendish malevolence, gin-nurtured, thrilled every fibre of my frame.” - Edgar Allen Poe “Maxim 37: There is no "overkill". There is only "open fire" and "time to reload". Violence isn't always evil. What's evil is the infatuation with violence. - Jim Morrison

-The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries” ― Howard Tayler

Character Inspirations

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  • Tremere, Giovanni and Follower of Set rivals. [negative]
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