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Set to a dark tone, this live action role-playing experience allows you to portray a Changeling. Stolen from their lives and molded into hapless servants of alien fae, a changeling is one of the few who escape these captors returning to areal life. Yet, sadly, that life moved on without them. Now, it is a cold, dark, and callous place. No longer human, but not quite fae, you are Lost in a World of Darkness. Can you find others like you? When you do, how will you work together to survive?

Atlanta's Changeling: the Lost combines dark, urban fantasy elements with the alien, mischievous whims of classic Faerie. Its protagonists are everything from the World of Darkness's bustling humanity to its supernatural vampires, werewolves, mages, and dark fae. The game merges the inspiration of Charles De Lint, Neil Gaiman, Grimm, The Dresden Files, and White Wolf's World of Darkness series to create a singularly unique gaming experience.

For more information, please email our VST. We look forward to telling a rich story with you!


December, 2011: Each changeling exits the hedge via the same place and simultaneously, the Echo Gate.
March, 2013: Each changeling has spent a year and a quarter in Atlanta.
Date: Fluff
Date: Fluff
Date: Fluff



Name Court/Mantle Seeming Kith Entitlement
Jack Daniels Summer 5 Beast Hunterheart/Gargantuan Legion of the Iron Wall
Allur Spring 3 Fairest Minstrel/Succubus
Long Thom Jukes Winter 3 Ogre Farwalker
The Broken One Autumn 4 Fairest Shadowsoul Lost Pantheon
Cerise Summer 3 Fairest Bright One Squire of the Broken Bough
Burden Spring Wizened
The Patchwork Lady Autumn Darkling


Name Court/Mantle Seeming Kith Entitlement
Mouse Summer 4 Ogre CorpseGrinder Tolltaker Knighthood
Omega Spring 4 Fairest Telluric Lost Pantheon
Ashes Autumn 4 Darkling Antiquarian Lord Sages of the Unknown Reaches
Shara Winter 3 Elemental Snowskin Family of the Silent Nights


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