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Atlas Name.png

Subject Overview:


Basic Statistics:

  • Subject Name: Atlas
  • Subject Clan: Assamite Vizier
  • Known Factions: Camarilla
  • Known Location: Richmond
  • General Description:


  • Confirmed, Established, and Privileged as an Elder of the Camarilla


  • Chandra de Soissones - My little peace of drift wood. Such a good luck charm.
  • Lazuli - Trouble. Don't get me wrong, I went willingly. Still... Trouble.
  • Achilles - Eldest of the judges. His blade is as quick as his fury.
  • Jericho - A brother from home.


Kindred Dealings

  • Virgil Maxwell - Useful. Friendly. Real nice guy. Well... maybe not to me.

Persons of Interest

Familial Ties

  • Hector
  • Artemis



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  • "I recently discovered that he has made me into an object of personal study. I am unsure if I should be annoyed, flattered, or terrified." Adrienne Maxwell
  • "I have not seen Atlas in many years, but we traveled together once and it was a voyage that one writes stories of. To the ends of the earth and back. He was a good traveling companion who did not shy away from danger in order to see truly remarkable things." Lazuli
  • "I do not know about his business, for I did not ask. Nor did he ask me about mine. He was my guest and that he showed manners that seem to be lacking in these nights I would welcome him back again." James Mason
  • "It is a dangerous edge you walk, Herr Atlas." - Franziskus Winter
  • "I was conflicted once and he showed me the path." - Elisheva
  • "Atlas is tenacious, like water: he even wears down stone, and always finds a way through." - Adeline Bellamy
  • "He has found himself on the wrong side of Clan Tremere, I have had to kill one of his clan mates already, but his path is not supposed to end here. He needs to be shown the error of his ways and set upon his golden path. I am interested to see what the next chapter of our story will hold." - Calvin Hastings
  • "Atlas reminds me that we as Kindred are too often fighting the wrong battles and making enemies of those who would better stand with us as allies." -Senza Emerson
  • "Like a warrior's blade, the mind must also be sharpened to a keen edge. There is no better whetstone than my brother." - Achilles
  • "I've been told Atlas is a man to be feared but from my own experience, I've found him to be enjoyable to work with." - Tanis
  • “There is always a unique atmosphere in the car when you drive through the City with a dead body in the back.” -Calvin Hastings
  • “My own ability to say the least with the greatest number of words is mirrored in the truest sense by his penchant to communicate the most in having uttered as few words as possible.” -Master Harpy Forbes, Domain of Waterloo
  • "Atlas asks questions others do not, for answers others do not believe exist." - Orenna Komnenos
  • “Atlas is not an individual in which I can describe wholly into a few words. He is enigmatic at points; and occasionally - some of the things he says are worth listening to. The other times, he is simply being a masochist.” -Blù


(Please feel free to add quotes about Atlas by clicking here.)

  • Atlas always knows where someone is once he has met them.
  • It is whispered that long ago, Atlas did something so horrific that now he serves a penance for it.
  • He knows your secrets, but keeps them safe. Why would any kindred do that?

Character Blog  :OOC Information Only

Character Information
Clan: Assamite
Sect: Camarilla
City: Richmond, VA
Player: Lee S
Storyteller: Lee's ST

Player: Lee S

Domain: VIR-EC-C

Note: I have shamelessly stolen this template from Stacey M; Thank you Stacey!

Character Ties

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“There is always a unique atmosphere in the car when you drive through the City with a dead body in the back.” -Calvin Hastings