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Changeling PC

Player: Megan Pittman Hicks
Character: Aubrey Dodgson
Seeming: Wizened
Kith: Woodwalker
Court: Spring
Freehold: Congress of Oddfellows
VST: Cris Picado

Character Information

Name: Aubrey Dodgson

Seeming: Wizened

Kith: Woodwalker

Court: Spring Court


Aubrey owns a small, but very nice bakery. It's called Upelkuchen. It is next door to Bijou's spice shop, and has recently started a small renovation. It's fairly common knowledge to the local Freehold that she lives in the apartment located above the bakery.

Aubrey is in a Motley with Pythia, Cupid, and Bijou. They call it Fruits and Loots, or Fruitloots. We aren't sure which is correct.

Aubrey showed up in the Congress of Oddfellows freehold around August of 2008, looking like a filthy little girl in a very well done Alice in Wonderland costume, carrying a very odd hat and followed by a very large tabby cat. Since then she's been attempting to live as normal a life as any Lost, while searching for the owner of the mysterious hat.

Recently, David Hattersson was finally found... Although he had lost nearly all his memory. Aubrey professed that night, "I've looked for you for five years, every single day. I've got you now, and I'll wait an eternity for you to remember."


  • Appears about early 20's
  • Blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin
  • Moss seemingly grows from her hair
  • Always seems to have dirt on her skin, under her nails, in her hair
  • Looks like Alice, from Wonderland. Dresses surprisingly similarly, as well.
  • Typical outfit seen here:

Mad People

Aubrey is an odd duck, in that unlike many Lost, she hand picks her friends, instead of staying within her own court for companionship. This makes for a very bright assortment of individuals which bring her joy or sorrow, as she walks along the meandering path with them.

  • Becky quickly became Aubrey's best friend, immediately after she joined the Freehold. They're practically inseparable.
  • Pythia has never hesitated to dive headlong in to potentially life-threatening situations to save Aubrey when she wanders off the trods. For years Pythia stuck her neck out for no reason that anyone could ascertain, to protect Aubrey sometimes to Pythia's own detriment.
  • Lilly Piper had always been kind of a hero in Aubrey's eyes, but her role in saving David brought her into a whole new level with Aubrey. Lilly's death has devastated the young woman, as she was the one to find Lilly and Sebastian the night of the tragedy.
  • Sebastian Cartier was there when Aubrey escaped the Hedge, welcoming her into his court happily with all the others. It was only natural for her to do what she could for him when he was found injured to the brink of death several years later. She was known to bake him special treats nearly every day, sometimes with quotations from her favorite stories written in the icing. Occationally a stray sugar cookie is found near the Bed & Breakfast where he died, with one such quote inscribed.
  • Lilith Parsons has been heard harmonizing beautifully with Aubrey when she starts singing. The eerie, yet warm-hearted Darkling known as "Spooky Lily" is known to be rather fond of Aubrey and patronizes her bakery when she has an occasion she can't begin to bake for herself, due to time or numbers.
  • David Hattersson, "Hatter" to most, had been the only guiding force bringing Aubrey the hope necessary to stay in the Spring Court for all the years since her escape from Arcadia. There's was a love story born from a shared imprisonment and unlikely circumstances falling into place perfectly. She lost him in the Deep Hedge during their escape, and later found him and freed him from a troop of goblins with the help of her Freehold. The majority of his memory was missing, but she thought she had all the time in the world to figure it all out. David's story took a turn for the worst after less than a year. Something was just wrong about him, and finally he fell to his darker urges of power, taking The Hat and the Title that went with it from an agent of his and Aubrey's keeper. Mikhael Tannenbauer sent him to his end right after.
  • Mikhael Tannenbauer has found himself to be Aubrey's friend after all, killing Hatter when he turned out to be a loyalist, when Aubrey knew that she never could do it herself. He was the first to see her after the news, and now she can't help but think that the Cheshire Cat is not quite evil.


  • "My name is NOT Alice."
  • "You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are."
  • "I'm not slaying anything. I don't slay, so put it out of your mind."
  • "Aubrey is just awesome. She makes some of the best candies, jams, etc. at her bakery that anyone has ever tasted. She is definitely one of my best friends." ~ Becky
  • "Have you met Aubrey? You should meet Aubrey, She's Aweeeesome!" - Bill

Curiouser, and Curiouser

  • Her name actually is Alice, but her Keeper knows that, and she fears that using the name will draw her Keeper's attention.
  • She is a Loyalist, but does a damn good job at hiding it!
    • "If I hear a word of this lie from anyone's lips they will pay dearly." -Direct quote from Pythia
  • Aubrey's hat is made out of the skin of her Keeper.
  • Aubrey's hat is magical. When a fight breaks out, she jumps in it and disappears.
  • Those who eat her cooking grow ever slightly taller, or smaller, depending on the day. This is a common "diet trick" of the DC Spring court.
  • Aubrey secretly misses being in her Keeper's clutches. Those were simpler times, and, at least then, she had Hatter.
  • If you startle Aubrey out of a deep sleep, she will pull out the vorpal blade and then *snicker-snack*! Off with your head!
  • Aubrey holds deep, philosophical conversations with chess pieces and playing cards.


  • Alice Liddell/Kingsleigh/Hamilton, from each of:
    • Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass
    • Alice in Wonderland, Disney 1951
    • Alice in Wonderland, Hallmark 1999
    • Alice, Syfy 2009
    • Alice in Wonderland, Tim Burton/Disney 2010
  • Luna Lovegood, as portrayed by Evanna Lynch in the Harry Potter movies, 2007-2011

In a World of My Own

  • They - Jem
  • Hanging On (Living Phantom Remix) - Ellie Goulding
  • Mad World - The Glee Project
  • A Princess - Javier Navarrete

OOC Information

Player:User:Megan P. US2010066203

MES Number:US2010066203