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"The rule to success is pretty simple: Stay one step ahead."

Name: Augustus "Auggie" Guiseppe Giovanni
Clan: Giovanni
Also Called: The Merchant of Death, The Shark
Position: Associate to Duncan Dunsirn.

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  • "He's been pissing me off since we were in the fuckin' womb, but he's still walkin' around on two legs--and if you know anything about me, that should tell you a lot about him." - Angie Giovanni
  • "If one knows where to look, one can find the sort of Giovanni who, perhaps, does not take effort to appear so brazenly an exception to the norm as possible." - Dr. Gabriel Tennyson
  • "He is exactly like me. He can't outrun this fact. It's in his blood." -Angelo
  • "Cocky, and bold. He just has to remember if you back it up, it does not qualify as cockiness." -Valerius Giovanni
  • "We hold the same values in family and allies. He knows how to party and hold his end of the deal. He's someone you can count on when the chips are down and everyone is holding a weapon." - Jupiter Lotis
  • "He walked in, and I noticed him. I always appreciate a man who knows how to dress for the seasons. Then, he parlayed a bit of business into a chance to flirt with me, and I noticed him again. He was clever about it without being arrogant. Heaven help us both if I notice him a third time." -Anonymous
  • "This one I have had my eye on for a while, it will be interesting to see if who he thinks he is matches up with what he does. On a side note, the confusion on his face when he watches me makes me giggle on the inside." - Speranza Giovanni
  • "Note to self - never play casual head-to-head Poker with a Giovanni without carefully establishing rules regarding boons." - Juan Carlos DelGado
  • "Such a silver tongued serpent this one. If I didn't know better I would assume he was a Rose! However, not every Lady (or Rose for that matter) will fall for the serpent. Some women have just as potent tongues so to speak. I have a feeling that this will get very interesting." - Violet Lheigh Abernathy
  • "I appreciate my brief chats with Augustus - likely far more than he. Tick, tock." - Prince Serafin
  • "Too charming by half." - Magdalene Lys
  • "*SHRUG* I thought he would be better at cards. Guess luck was just on my side." - Melvin
  • "Auggie is an interesting character. A little good, a little bad, a little fun. He seems interested in going into business together, maybe, we'll see where the cards fall." - Matthew Alright
  • "Auggie didn't think I existed, but I sure proved him wrong. I'm really interested in seeing what he has planned. I can't wait to see what he gets up to." -Margherita Giovanni
  • "What can I say about Auggie, the man is good at what he does, oh and don't look at his sister, he hates that." -Duncan Dunsirn
  • "I see no problem with the name Carol either." -Eva Carol Giovanni
  • "I enjoyed meeting my cousin. While he seems brash, I think he also has a good head on his shoulders. I wish him the best of luck in Houston." -Juliana Giovanni
  • "I wasn't sure about him for the longest time; he has a lot to live up to. Strangely, all I find myself feeling for him now is worry. It's depressingly familiar. " -Carmina Giovanni
  • "I have only observed him from afar but one thing I am certain of...there will be no middle ground between us." -Mateo Giovanni
  • "Loud, Brash, Rude. Expect know taste of foot well." - Stoneking
  • "Don Augustus I admire greatly. He is a true Family man, with a traditional heart and a modern mind. He sets standards even I aspire to, and I almost wish I was his blood kin... almost." - Marshall Cartwright Milliner III
  • "My nephew takes after me but is more ambitious than I could have ever expected. I'm proud of him." - Enzo Putanesca
  • "The low-blooded Usurpers spread rumor and distrust of his family in every city out of envy. They (speaking about the Tremere) covet that which they can never achieve through their blasphemous magic and infernal ritual: the high-blood which runs through his veins and the power which it holds. Though the modern nights have brought many changes, I am long-lived enough to recognize the legacy of his forebears within him." -Andrasi de Covasna
  • "I have given Don Augustus Giovanni one, single, solitary command. Should he acquiesce, heaven and earth would bow to his will. But, he is stubborn. So, he will continue to learn the hard way. The very hard way." - Clé deMontes
  • "He is brave I'll give him that, nor did he flinch. Good thing the other Giovanni had August come to the door; I would have hated to bloody his white clothing." - Otama Myrkrdotter
  • "That man is a refreshing site to see in your city, he gets shit done and doesn't ask stupid questions. Always welcome, I'll even pour the good stuff when he's here." - August Giovanni
  • "Sometimes the meetings you overhear make you upset, and you get pessimistic about things, even when you respect the people in those meetings so much already. He and I hardly know each other at all, but the things I overheard him say in Tulsa inspired... pride, really. I've got no business being proud of someone I don't mean anything to, but I won't deny that I'm grateful that he said the words he did, and that I was able to overhear them in a time when I needed my faith in society bolstered. I'll remember them, and him, and look for him in the future." - Emma Klein
  • "I get Auggie, which means I'm probably going to have a few conversations with him regarding the bills coming his way thanks to Bella." - Spencer
  • "He seems entirely too entertaining. I am fascinated to see how it turns out." - Orenna Komnenos
  • "Come home." -Anonymous
  • "The man handles numbers with a casual ease that make it look more difficult than breathing, what I would do to have someone even half as talented." - Amos Locke
  • "Listen kid, you've got a big name, but you wear it well and do it proud. To help you understand, I'm going to lay this out for you in two ways. First, your effort in guarding and growing the family coffers doesn't go unnoticed. You're doing great work. But we're about more than just making money. Part of your responsibility, like the half-dozen before you, is to pay my bills. You never have to like it; you can always bitch about it, but that's how it works. Ours is a name that is legendary for our patronage of the arts, and I am an artist. Let me put it another way though. Fuck you; pay me." - Uncle GiGi
  • "There is no greater joy that I have known than watching Auggie's face shift through a myriad of colors when Spencer and I have fun with numbers and decimal points." - Bella Rossellini
  • "He reminds me of Don Draper from Mad Men but needs to wear something other than grey. it does not enhance his body the way a suit should. And he has a sneer that Im sure magically drops panties. I feel he should know this about himself." - Edward Vincent Icabod Livingston IV
  • "Si vous me voulez, à siffler. Vous savez comment siffler, pas vous, Auggie ? Vous venez de mettre vos lèvres et soufflez." - Philippa Brery
  • "Auggie is one of strong wit and patience. I only have respect for him and his family." - Lione Bonacorsi
  • "Seeing him sit next to Angelo and seeing his face shift made me wonder if face were like Angelo's suspenders--when you see the change, you know you're about to get hurt." - Zack Snyder
  • "I'm shit at showing it, but he's really fucking important to me. ... Thanks." - Caspian Giovanni


  • Angelo Giovanni (Giovanni) - "I am nothing like Angelo, you hear me? Nothing!"
  • Angie Giovanni (Giovanni) - "I pity the fuck lays a finger on my sister."
  • Dr. Gabriel Tennyson (Toreador) - "What can I say, good business partner. I'm always willing to help when he asks it, since he knows how pricing works."
  • Clé deMontes (Toreador) - "A dame after my own heart."
  • Sybil Giovanni (Giovanni) - "I haven't talked to ma' in about a year or so...she's gonna' kill me for not callin'...."


  • He hasn't been seen by any of his old business partners or family lately. Most would say it's because he diablerized some one important.
  • He's made his way to Houston because there's an old fling there he's trying to reconnect with.
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  • The reason he throws a fit when having to pay for things is because he lost his fortune and is now secretly funded by a Toreador.
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Auggie Giovanni
Clan: Giovanni
Sect: Independent
Domain: Houston, TX
Player: Robert d.
VST: Houston VTM VST


Player: Robert de la Garza
Member: US2013020050
Home: Austin, TX

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