August Kohanek

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Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Austin, TX
Player: Maximilian
Storyteller: Nick Kice
August Kohanek

Residence: Austin, TX

Confirmed, Established, and Privileged as an Elder of the Camarilla
Acclaimed by Cedric Wadsworth, Primogen of the Moon in Austin
Favored by James Harlan, Elder of The Cacophony
Favored by Conchobhar McKay, Gangrel Elder


August Kohanek should be an Ancilla within the Camarilla by age, but his bearing and presence has earned him the status of an Elder. This largely due to the fifty years of his second Accounting under Walter Jones, a.k.a. Walter the Grey. Kohanek frequently credits Elder Seneschal Jones for making him the Kindred he is today. He publicly shares the Elder's very traditional views of the Camarilla, the role of Prince, and the Traditions.

To all senses, Kohanek appears to be a vital and living person, preserving the Masquerade flawlessly. He occasionally wears glasses to appear hindered by mortal limitations and age, and has been known to complain about how late court is held, citing how early he got up that morning for work. Not only is his visage that of a mortal, but his beast seems to have been subdued almost completely. He is seldom or never seen riled or excited about anything.

Before his embrace, August was allowed to grow out his hair and beard for two years. This affords him the opportunity to alter his appearance nightly, though he is known to appear at Kindred gatherings at full-growth as a sign of honesty and respect.


Kohanek has attended several Conclaves in the retinue of Walter Jones, a.k.a. Walter the Grey:

1972: Vienna, Austria.

1985: Monrovia, Liberia.

1998: Vienna, Austria.

Involved in the investigation of a Tlacique Methuselah at the most recent Conclave in the Domain of Waterloo, in 2014

The Grey House

Symbol of the Grey House adopted by Walter Jones, a.k.a. Walter the Grey after the death of his sire

August is a member of The Grey House.

Progeny of Walter Jones, a.k.a. Walter the Grey
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Mt. Pleasant, MI
9th generation Sully
Las Vegas, NV
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August Kohanek
Austin, TX
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Indianapolis, IN
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Tri-Cities, WA
12th generation TBD Christopher McCulloch
Tri-Cities, WA
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Austin, TX
Willam Thomas Struh
Orlando, FL


  • Kohanek is actually a Methuselah, but is masquerading as an Ancilla for safety
  • No, Kohanek is in fact a half-breed dhampir
  • Kohanek isn't vampiric at all, he lingers around them because he is the manifested spirit of a Kindred's victim. He's looking for the one who killed him, and he's going to get revenge.
  • In service to his need to masquerade flawlessly, Kohanek regularly "adopts" mortal families as his own, convincing them that he is their patriarch and living with them until he tires of the charade
  • Kohanek is too high-functioning to be a real Malkavian. He's actually an adopted Caitiff.
  • Kohanek is so extremely paranoid he never leaves the safety of his haven. He simply possesses mortals to act on his behalf, as himself, which is why he seems to masquerade so well.
  • Kohanek is so intense, even The True Dusk won't target him.
  • Kohanek was once killed and diablerized by his own childe, who then fled into the Sabbat.
Elder James Harlan (left) speaking with August Kohanek (right) at the 2014 Conclave


  • "August is the type of friend who will help you hide the bodies." - Anonymous
  • "I don't think I've ever seen such a chill Malkavian. No seriously, this guy is relaxed as hell." - Johnny Shine
  • "I think he must be very enlightened. He accepts fate far more easily than many others I have known and I like him for that." - The Gambler
  • "A quick ally, even when he knew what we are. I don't forget things like that." - Jackson Flynn
  • "Such lovely manners . But you know what they say about the quiet ones ..." -Chloe Pavlis
  • "I like useful people." - Tamberland
  • "He has superb facial hair - I've had worse reasons for liking a Malkvian." - Master Harpy Forbes, Domain of Waterloo
  • "He is a wealth of observation and has keen powers of insight. He's not even a seer. Or maybe he is. I will have to meditate on this." - Candice Caine
  • "A kind soul. Almost gentle, but certainly pragmatic. I just worry about the price he may pay for his sympathies." - Harper Gray
  • "Chameleon." - Nenette
  • "It's awfully sneaky of Blackbeard to go without the pirate outfit. I hope his enemies remember to surrender before he draws." - Annie Case
  • "I do adore intelligence. Intelligence combined with insanity? Such a deadly combination." Miss Maggie
  • "He certainly isn't afraid to ask a lady questions" Lydia Brooks
  • "August is well-aware that speculation can be profitable." Swagger
  • "A thorough investigator in every sense. August will not rest until he has all the answers." Eris Nightingale
  • "A guy who will stick with me through shit like that deserves a fuckin' award. He's alright in my book." - Lilah Monroe
  • "Like the conductor of an orchestra, August conducts talent. If you need something done, he's the one to go to." H.W. Hayes
  • "It terrifies me how effective he is at what he does." - Aaron Mitchell
  • "By nature, I am a problem solver. I am flustered when someone presents me with a problem I know cannot be solved. I was flustered recently by Mr. Kohanek. Rarely have I seen someone wear their pain so plainly for all to see - a sobering display of raw humanity." - Master Harpy Forbes, Domain of Waterloo
  • "Elder August is a delight; I am always happy to see him when I make an appearance in a Camarilla court." - Valerie
  • "What at first was an idle indulgence turned quickly into an exercise in pure enjoyment. I would have Elder Kohanek to visit quite absent from any political excuse. And everyone knows I'm terribly elitist." - Benedict
  • "Elder Kohanek is charming, refined, and has an air of respect and power around him. It is refreshing to meet a dignitary of his standing, and this princess would welcome him amongst her anytime." - Elder Angelique DuMont