Augusta, Requiem

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There is currently no Official court in the city of Augusta. Local power is made up of several small fiefdoms usually made up of a single elder's or a small coterie's collective domain.

Some of the larger domains are controlled by:

His Grace, Alder Irmiyaa Uzair, Duke of Aiken, SC


Basic Information

VSS Name: Blood in the Looms

Domain: GA-012-D Augusta, GA

VSS Physical Boundaries: Richmond,Columbia, and Burke County, GA, Aiken and Barnwell County, SC

DST: Chris Young

Usual Game Time:

2nd and 4th Saturdays of the Month

Style of Play (rate 1-5 each)

Rate each of these categories, using the scale below:

Action Combat and Challenges 2

Character Develop Personal Dilemmas and Choices 3

Darkness PC Death or Corruption 3

Drama Ceremony and Grand Story 3

Intrigue Politics and Negotiation 4

Manners Social Etiquette Peer Pressure 3

Mystery Enigmas and Investigation 4

Pace How fast do stories emerge, develop, and resolve? 2

Rating Description

1 Never present

2 Sometimes present

3 Often present

4 Usually present

5 Always present

Venue Synopsis

Basic Description:,_Georgia

Pre-Revolutionary -

Civilized vampiric society has existed in one form or another in Augusta since the mid 1700s. Shortly after the first road connecting Savannah and Augusta by land was completed, Sanctified missionaries constructed the first church in the city, St. Pauls. Reverend Jonathan Copp was sent to minister to the church, secretly under the thrall of the Lancea. The city would continue to see the mortal population increase as settlers fleeing the French and Indian war would seek refuge here. In the late 1760s and early 1770s the city would see another spike in population as mostly tobacco farmers from Carolina and Virginia began to settle the area. This also brought with it however a new increase in the Kindred population, significantly the Ordo Dracul and Crone.

Revolutionary War to Civil War -

Following the start of the Revolutionary War, the area became divided along the Savannah River with the First and Second Estates solidifying control over the South Carolina side, and the various other factions in Georgia. Although rule was divided in the city of Augusta, the city prospered until the mid 1800s when the Invictus began expanded into Georgia again. This time however, their powerbase grew to encompass the entire area, and despite their almost fanatical rule, the city flourished as one of the largest producers of cotton and textiles in the world. The population grew to over 10,000 during this time, placing Augusta in one of the few cities in America to reach this landmark.

Civil War to World War II -

Until the 1920s, the city would see many hardships which would slowly wear on the city in the coming century. During the Civil War the city saw much of the hardships of the conflict, the Confederate Powderworks, one of the only structures built to completion by the Confederate States of America, was a major asset during the war. Eventually however, the war was brought to the very doorstep of the city when Sherman’s troops occupied and captured the town. Unlike most places he captured however, Sherman moved on without setting fire to the city, something many believe was due to the dealings of the Invictus praxis. Reconstruction still hit the city hard however, forcing martial law to be declared until order could be restored. This coupled with the major flood and fire of the turn of the century eroded the Invictus powerbase.

World War II to Consolidation -

1948 marked the beginning of a golden era for Augusta, Ga., as the Army Signal Corps announce the construction of Camp Gordon and the completion of the Clarks Hill Dam and Reservoir. By 1950, many companies and workers began to flood into the region beginning with the announcement of construction on the Savannah River Site, which would bring over 50,000 workers to the area. The Civil Rights era of the 60s however were turbulent times for the city as racial tensions flared to riot. The following decades were not kind to the city, and as they rolled on the downtown area entered a period of urban decay, with many businesses moving away from the riverfront.

Consolidation to Present -

Since the consolodation of the neighboring cities around Augusta, the downtown area has entered a new decade of revitilization as many new shops moved to the area. The past 20 years however had taken their toll on the Carthian Experiment being performed here and by the late 90s the praxis had collapse and the city was split into small fifedoms ruled by independent vampires.

General focus of most plots:

The general focus of most plots will be the social interaction of PCs and NPCs who control sections of territory in the city as they attempt to barter and deal their way to becoming Prince. A secondary focus will be placed on mental challenges, however little will be placed into physical and combat.

Character Restrictions:

No PC or NPC may be a member of the Neitriecht Faction and be attached to or visit this VSS.

Template Restrictions:

Templates are restricted to Vampires, Ghouls, and Humans.

Proxy Rules

Proxies are expected 48 hours in advance, failure to do so will result in not being able to participate in the proxy.

Travel Risks:

There are currently no inherent travel risks to PCs entering or leaving the VSS, although this is subject to change depending on local plot.

Exp Awards:

Up to 10 Per Month

Up to 6 Per Game

Up to 4 Per Downtime