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Requiem PC

Player: Natasha Brandom
Character: Aura LeBeau Stormcrow-Ferox
Clan: Gangrel ••
Bloodline: Hounds of Actaeon
Covenant: Lancea Sanctum •••
Position: Prince/Bishop
Status: Alive
Domain: Quad Cities IA/IL
VST: Chip Porter


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"The bayou is scary in the dark, all manner of things running wild out there."


  • Aurélie Rue Jolie LeBeau Stormcrow-Ferox, Prince/Bishop of the Quad Cities.


Aura is of average height, around 5’6. She is lithe and agile, weighing in at about 135 pounds. She has forest green eyes that darken with anger, and her hair color changes depending on how she truly feels. Her natural hair color is blonde, but after she was turned, she went rainbow. Before siring her childe, she changed her hair to a mix of purple and black. In the right light, it looks purple and blue.

Notable Traits:

  • Aura has a single tattoo that marks her as a member of the Sanctified that is located on that back of her neck and flows down her spine.
  • Always carries Swiftrunner (her bow) with her, whether it is obfuscated or not.


-Everyday- (Out of Gathering)

  • Aura can be found in low riding jeans, a tank top or t-shirt, and her signature leather boots. Depending on the weather, she can be found with her leather jacket on as well.

-Everyday- (In Gathering)

  • Aura is dressed to the nines. Her leather boots and leather jacket usually accompany a dress. Either floor length, short, or tight. Sometimes, she goes barefoot like the true Gangrel she is. Being as how she is a Prince at the moment, she always has to look immaculate. However, she seems to be settling again with her Gangrel roots. Jeans, tanktops, and barefoot in her gatherings is totally acceptable. After all, what kind of Gangrel wears a suit?

-Special Occasions-

  • Not that much different than her dressing to go to gatherings. However, she might keep the shoes on.


City: Quad Cities

  • Status - •••


Clan: Clan-gangrel.png

  • Status - ••
  • Bloodline - Hounds of Actaeon


Covenant: Lancea Sanctum.png

  • Status - •••

OOC Information

Player: Nat Brandom

MES Number: US2014050085

Story Teller: Chip Porter

Location: Quad Cities (Arsenal Nights)

  • All information presented within this wiki is OOC knowledge unless your PC knows it IC

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