Aurelia Liska

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Aurelia Liska "Shadow Huntress"

Apocalypse PC

Character Information
Auspice: Theurge
Tribe: Shadow Lords
Breed: Homid
Pack: Twilight's Revival
Sept: Sept of Boar's Chosen
Rank: Adren
Glory: ••
Honor: ••
Wisdom: ••••• •••
Player: Sarah Wade
Storyteller: VST Tim Hardwick

Character Information

Name: Aurelia Liska

Tribe:Shadow Lord


Rank: Adren

Camp: Children of Crow

Sept: Sept of Boar's Chosen, Auburn AL

Title or Position:None at this time

Notable Traits: Pure Breed 5

Aurelia's Story

Some people call me a medium, or a channel, or even a Ghost Whisperer. I consider myself cursed. Seeing Ghosts isn't something I chose for myself, and I assure you the dead aren't all fun and games. When they learned I could see them, they started to tell all their ghosty pals that I could see them too so now I am pretty consistently pestered by the dead. "Tell my Husband I loved him.", "Tell my granddaughter the will is in the top drawer of the dresser in the attic.", "Make sure Sonny takes his medicine." It's a non stop shit show filled with the last requests of the dead. Most days I ignore them and tell em to bugger off and leave me be, but on the days I can't shut em out I put on my headphones and crank up the volume. Rock music seems to drive most of them away. After so many years, I learned to make them pay for their requests. Sure, I'll find your sister and tell her your money's buried under the oak tree in the backyard, but first you're gonna make me some money. I took up Fortune Telling a few years back, Family Tradition being a Romani and all, and I make them give me the info I need to give folks a good reading. Sometimes it works out well, other times not so much. It's not like we need the money, I mean Uncle Vincent gave me and my brother a nice chunk of change when he passed on into the afterlife (and believe me that bastard likes to tell me all the ways I'm miss managing my cash.) I just enjoy having something to do with my time.

So, My half brother Lucian and I decided to indulge in our family's noble wanderlust and hitch around the world for a while. We got ourselves a nice wagon and moved on. We headed to America and traveled around the country for a while. Met some of the local Garou in various places even met a pretty awesome Wendigo Kinfolk that taught me to speak her native language. Not often a purelander steps out of their shell to help out a "white girl", but she was pretty cool.

Lucian and I are now living in Alabama at the Sept of Boar's Chosen with our cousin Dylan, and trying to eek out a meaningful existence here among a people who don't quite understand us. So far it's going well. We've found a pack, a full Shadow Lord Pack at that, and we're well on our way to standing in a good place with the Sept. We'll see what the future holds for us.

Friends and Allies


  • ~Aurelia can speak to the dead
  • ~She is a great tarot reader!
  • ~Her twin brother is a Metis...she is Homid. Don't ask me how that works.
  • ~Haunted. That is what she is.
  • ~Aurelia is on the run from a dark lover, it's why she left the Old Country.


  • "Why we are following flaming trash man into battle?" "No, Aurelia, It's Hot Garbage, That's his deed name." "Oh. Dah. Flaming Trash Man, Rhya then."
  • "At no time have I ever had the desire to look at this woman and call her Miss. Cleo, not even once." - Alvarez
  • "She is insightful and caring, far beyond any of her tribe. I worry about her lack of rage, but I'll be her shield if the time should come." - Simona Decebal

Out of Character Information

Player: Sarah Wade

MES Number:US2013010018

Location:PC is based in Auburn, AL, player is based in Huntsville, AL