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Dead This character is dead. Any further communication should be with the VST.


Accord PC

Player: Amy Lolmaugh
Creature Type: Changeling
Division: Children of Asclepius
City: Puerto Rico
VST: Alicia Cameron

If you wish to consider anything in the page IC, email me first and we'll work out a way to do it (she's fairly open about everything). Also, always looking for ties.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

  • Name:

Aurora Roxanne Coventry-Ryder

  • Creature Type:


  • Seeming / Kith:

Fairest Flowering

  • Court:


Notable Traits:

  • Aurora Looks 17. Very young.
  • Striking looks 4
  • Presence 6
  • Gentrified Bearing
  • Spring mantle 5
  • Siren Song
  • Pleasing Aura

Groups and Division:


Stubborn, sweet, with too much intelligence for her age, she's the strange mix of a child soldier and a Disney princess. The persona she shows to the world is ever-cheerful and ever-hopeful, willing to do anything needed to help anyone. She hides behind the 'Perfect' facade, and tries to keep the world from cracking.


  • Mask
    • Aurora is pretty, yes, beyond human levels of gorgeous. And yes, her voice is enchanting and draws those to her. But it's her lightness that is truly interesting. Rarely found without a smile, everything about her screams 'innocent'. Her red hair is slightly curly and falls to the middle of her back, often obscuring vivid green eyes that perpetually look inquisitive with wide-eyed wonder for the world. She's short, an even five foot nothing, and is rather curvaceous. But with her face, despite the girl's actual age she looks sixteen. Seventeen if you squint hard and tilt your head. Very noticeable on her ring finger is a thin silver wedding band. On her neck is a simple chain with another ring on it, another wedding band. . Ms. Coventry-Ryder perpetually smells of flowers, and has worn pants exactly three times since returning from Arcadia.
  • Mein
    • The basic elements of her mask are absolutely there. But the way she shifts and moves is with an alien grace only known to the Gentry. Her hair and eyes look more vivid than in her mask, but her pupils are slitted like a cats would be. The tiara is obviously hedgespun, made of stars and silver. Her ears are tapered into points, the way an elf's would be, and flowers seem ever-present in her now red hair. The girl seems almost transparent, shimmery, as if she were a dream. She can hide her emotions relatively well, but those who can see her wings always know her true mood. If you look closely at her hairline, you can occasionally see the glimmer of what could absolutely be a tiara or crown. As for her mantle, it manifests more strongly of flowers. Never overpowering (well, maybe to kindred), but usually pleasant. There are occasionally warm breezes, and vegetation seems to grow around her. Rarely do people look at her mein and not get the nagging feeling that they are somehow standing in an enchanted forest, regardless of their current location.

She really is a funny girl

"...Aurora? Sweetie? What was that?" - Eric Barrett
"Where is that little green trollop?" - Gabriel Helm, after an incident in Rhode Island
"I don't hate you, I pity you.'s not you, it's me." - P51M0N1C
"So incredibly young." - Lupei
"Aurora's like my best you'd better not fuck with her." - Frankie
"Cute little thing. So sweet and innocent... and tastes so nice, too." - Mainardus
"No one is that nice. Are they?" - Eva Carlisle
"Face Palm" - Lance O'Conner
"She is gonna get herself killed one of these days. Hopefully her death inspires someone to fight harder." -Abraxa
"Such beauty is a trap. She is too kind, too trusting, and too useful for me to look away from." The Dominus
"Daaaaaaaaaamn." - Mili
"Aurora is the only creature I've seen maintain such a high level of innocence after the degradation of experience." - Carmen Slaughter
"I understand her all too well. I pray that we'll be able to protect her until she can be healed." - Rosemary Weald
"ok rug rat what the matter now?" - Sam Roland Hain
"Yes, she's very pretty. But what else? I feel like people fall for her, but don't know her. I don't. Not really." - Pash Halaby
"All sugar and glitter rolled up in a pretty li'l package tied with a perfec' bow... Yeah, wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole." - Sybil Grey
"Because yeah, you're a bit rough around the edges, but you have an amazingly great heart. You're kind, and you have a lot
of empathy for other people. You speak your mind but try not to hurt people" Aurora talking to Jackson.
"Such a good chick...I dig her...she sees past my outer layer...kinda scary...but not soo bad someone got to one of these days and
fuck she in my give a shit about people...that says a lot about her...and she gave me a plushie" Jackson.
"Sweet girl, she gets me which is rare. We both get a bad rap though." - Aruk
"She's awesome. People need to give her a chance. If not, I might just break their necks. If I have to, more than once." - Marcus Jackson
"Keep calling me babe, it's much better than foot" - Wayne "Bang" Bronson
"Aurora has faced more hardship in her short life than many of us will face in a lifetime. Remarkably, she has come through with a strong will and a good heart. This bodes well for her future." - Dr. Julian Silvasi
"She's like rolling around in a field of flowers in the spring. All I was missing was a rabbit to chase" - Winter Reilly
"I think she may have hit on me." - Erin Swift
"The last time I saw you, you were very little, very young, we met where? Oh, we met in Albany. I am sorry that it wasn't under better circumstances." Juliette d`Escouperie
'She's always been nice to me, so I'll make my own judgements. Jason Harvick
"I didn't think you'd look up bear porn." Aurora Coventry trying to explain to a person how to look up internet pornography
"Aurora? Yeah, she's awesome! Nicest person you'll ever meet, and super pretty too. Too bad she turned me down so many times." - Giacomo Roman
"I wonder if she is as good as I ... remember?" - Charles Adams
"I enjoyed being in a cell with Aurora, I respect her." - Winter Reilly
"Aurora ish intereshting but sshe ish nice. We don't know each other beyond skin deep, I'm afraid. I think we both keep our dishtance, for whatever reashon that hash become." - Icarus Sphere
"She's been my problem for so long that we're friends now. Don't ask me, that's just how it went." - F1R3W@LL
"Yeah, I don't know what it was, but the adorable little Changeling girl that calls Sam Hain her dad just did something with her hands that made me feel MUCH better!" - Dr. Steven Bradley
"Her heart is in the right place, I just hope this war doesn't break it" - Gaff Hook
"...She smells nice..." - Ithilë Birchwheel
"A sweet girl and as innocent as they come and as caring as they come. Love the piss out of her, and if anybody decides to try anything skeevy or mean to her, their next shit's gonna have so many teeth it in, it'll be grinning." — Hannah Leone
"She's the only person I'd let bring glitter into my house." - Marilyn St. Paul
"Why do I champion the cause of making people like her and Hannah Leone safe and happy? It's simple really, that happiness is the most beautiful thing in life and needs to be maintained." - Sydney Reynolds

I Know You, I Walked With You Once Upon A Dream

Emily browning in sucker punch 2011-1280x800.jpg
  • Hannah Leone - "An old friend and a close one."
  • Arien Loki Nightshade - "LOKI"
  • Dimitry Schraeder - "THOR"
  • Selma - "She's real sweet and caring."
  • Marcus Jackson - "My strange father."
  • Sam Roland Hain - "My dad. He doesn't look like a bitch."
  • Rio - "Everyone thinks of her as this sex addled monster. And it's not true. That kid's like my sister."
  • F1R3W@LL- "The spy queen of the Accord"
  • Simon- "It is rare to find people who give a shit. Rarer still to find people who are competent and give a shit."
  • Abraxa- "Don't tell him this, but I've totally nicknamed him teddy bear."
  • Rosemary Weald - Winter protects so that Spring can return.
  • Dash - "My other husband."
  • Aruk - "I just wanna make him smile again."
  • Adela - "Oh she's absolutely sweet. Love 'Delly to death."
  • Duchess - "Grandmother. Not that close, but she seems sweet."
  • Jackson - "Yes, we are married. Now hush."
  • Sybil Grey - "Okay, so Syb is mean and stuff but she's actually really nice."
  • Jason Harvick - "You know, he cares about everyone. Just doesn't tell us."
  • Giacomo Roman - "So much more than a pretty face."
  • James Osborne - "A fellow Division founder. Man's got his shit together."
  • Jaq - "The nicest gorilla you'll ever meet."
  • Marilyn St. Paul - "So don't tell her this, but she's super intimidating. I mean, I love her, but she's super intimidating."
  • Daniel Singh - "Brother dear."
  • Mietta De La Motte - "We share a weird relationship. She's dating my husband, and we cosplay."
  • Anna Delacroix - "That woman is way too dedicated to her job."
  • Sydney Reynolds - "He's kinda like a big brother."
  • Add yourself if you know Aurora!

I don't care what they're going to say

  • Is a member of the Rainbow Bikini Conspiracy
  • Are we sure she isn't really just one of Them and lying about it?
  • She'd probably trust one of Them if they smiled at her nicely. And then tell her friends that her new friend is completely trustworthy.
  • She is secretly sleeping with Frankie.
    • Not that secret anymore, and its over. Pretty nasty over too.
  • There is a reason some people call her Miss Aurora with the utmost respect and isn't because its short for Missus.
  • Do let that innocent look fool you! She's a deadly shot with a bow.
  • Slept with Marcus Jackson. But wait...didn't we just find out...WHOA NELLY!


OOC Information

Player: Amy Lolmaugh
MES Number:

Location: Chattanooga, TN