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First Councilor

High Councilors
Cheryl Taylor
Sir Veritas
Oscar MacWhirter



The Auroral Council serves to assist each Lost in realizing their true potential, in order to have a worthwhile life in both the Real, and within their Freehold.

Voted Titles

These are titles and positions that are limited in number, or carry a level of personal responsibility to the Institution. They’re typically appointed by vote (See below).

  • First Councilor: The First Councilor is responsible for organizing Dawn Court Rituals and observances for the Auroral Council. Leading by example, the First Councilor has the burden of mediating conflict within the Institution, may only cast a vote in order to break a tie, and is the final word in a vote with a dispute on results. The First Councilor is decided by appointment, and serves for a single year. Reappointment is possible, but only after one year without service - typically this discussion and vote occurs after the Longest Night ritual of the Winter Solstice.
  • High Councilor The High Council mandates changes and permits new members into the council as well as provides duties to members.

Titles of Service

These are positions within the organization that can be filled by multiple members. None of these titles are attained by vote, and may be used as long as the Councilor wishes. Please be aware that while many are self-granted, others may have requirements or be bestowed.

  • Councilor: General Member, sponsored by a High Councilor, who may be an apprentice to join the High Council one day.
  • Aide de Camp: Travels around the country providing aid to Freeholds, in order to help them achieve their potential.
  • Holder of the Peace: Assists in restoring the peace between Freeholds who are in conflict with each other.
  • Broker: Assist new Lost with finding their place in society.

Membership within the Council is composed of two groups, Councilors and High Councilors. Those with Dawn Mantle or Dawn Court Goodwill may petition to become a High Councilor. Such a petition is put to a discussion and vote of the Council. Any Lost belonging to a Court may join as a Councilor of the Auroral Council, provided they have a High Councilor to sponsor them. Each High Councilor may sponsor one Councilor at a time. Although any member may put forth topics for discussion and vote, only High Councilors may cast votes. Any High Councilor may require a member of the Auroral Council to submit a report on their duties and services to the Council within 14 days of the request.

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For further details on the Auroral Council and its positions, please see the Lost Chronicle Player's Guide.

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