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Dead This character is dead. Any further communication should be with the VST.

Accord PC

Player: Nigel J
Creature Type: Mage, Free Council
Division: None yet
City: NYC
VST: Matt Junge

Character Information

Name: Aurum

Creature Type: Free Council Mage

Notable Traits: Powered by Snark, Vodka, and revenge. Medieval Nerd, computer geek

Title or Positon: None, yet


  • He's still kind of in shock from a major personal loss
  • Did you hear that this dude might have kids? what's he doing fighting the truth!?
  • When he makes something? It works..sometimes better than normal.
  • He may (or may not) have started the "#ThanksObama" meme.

Soundtrack For Aurum (Inspirations)

Something I can never have - Nine Inch Nails
Crawl Through Knives - In Flames
The Fight Song - Marilyn Manson
Power - Kayne West
From Shadows - Jeff Williams feat. Casey Lee Williams (RWBY Soundtrack)
I Burn - By Jeff Williams feat. Casey Lee Williams (RWBY Soundtrack)
This Will Be The Day - Jeff Williams(RWBY Soundtrack)



What people think of him

OOC Information

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Player: Nigel J.

MES Number: US200508623

Location: NYC - NY-004-D