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Awakening PC

Player: NPC
Path: Acanthus
Order: Mysterium •••••
Legacy: Walkers in Mists
Position: Curator, Censor
Consilium: Charleston, WV •••
City: Charleston, WV
VST: EC aRST Jag Griffiths


Birth Name: Not public knowledge

Shadow Name: Avalon

Sleeper Alias: Ava Locklear

Titles: Curator, Censor, Hierophant

Quote: "Not all who wander are lost." ~ J.R.R Tolkien, Lord of the Rings

Character Description

A woman in her late 40s, she happens to be the oldest Censor and Curator of Vault 48. Avalon awoke as an Acanthus, and over the years has become an accomplished mage and a member of the Walker in the Mists legacy. She is currently the only Hierophant in the East Central region of the United States, a right well-earned for all the hard work she has done in the Order's name over the years. As any self-respecting Acanthus, she tends to follow her intuition, and also has a tendency to wander quite a bit. Avalon has traveled to many places across the globe, but much of what she's seen she keeps to herself, since some knowledge has too steep a price, after all.


  • She has traveled to every country at least once.
  • She has been to places that have never been explored by anyone else.
  • She is dying from a terminal disease that cannot be cured. Some say it was caused by Paradox of some sort.

OOC Information

This is an NPC under the jurisdiction of the EC aRST Awakening.