Avi Merkava

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"For by wise guidance you can wage your war"
~Israeli Mossad~

Character Information
Clan: Gangrel ••••
Conspiracy: Unknown
Cadence: 4
City: Dallas, TX ••••
Player: Tim Pete
Storyteller: Mark O'Leary

Publicly Available Information:

Known Aliases: "A" (within the criminal black market)

Lineage: Gangrel

Bloodline: Unknown

Conspiracy Affiliation: Unknown

City Positions: Priscus of Clan Gangrel

(Cadence: 4 / Masquerade: Criminal 4 / Requiem: Enforcer 4)

Physical Description: Male. Caucasian. Indeterminate age, possibly early 40s. Approximately 6ft 1in. in height, medium muscular build. Dark brown eyes. Light salt & pepper hair, No visible scars, piercings, tattoos or other identifying marks. Clothing runs from casual professional, to simple button-down dress shirts in subdued colors, long sleeves, jeans & dress shoes.

Notable traits:

  • Refers to Carthians as 'brother' or 'sister', and seems keen on helping his covenant-mates.
  • Comes and goes from events and cities frequently without warning.

S A.jpg

Known Acquaintances


  • Avi holds controls over the North Texas black market.






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Player: Tim Pete

MES #: US2005053486

Location: Dallas, TX (TX-58-D)

Ties: Always looking for Character Ties! Feel free to contact me privately if you are interested.