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In the Masquerade Camarilla/Anarch/Independent venue continuity, this city is run by Trade Winds Domain, Worldwide Theater Games.
PC's from other member clubs may visit and players from these member clubs may make PC's for this VSS with the appropriate approval of the ST chains.

This is the venue page for Vampire: the Masquerade in Avignon, France.


National Masquerade Wiki
ST Contact: Dawn

Avignon now


  • Avignon Masquerade IRC game - any PC sanctioned by a member club within the Dark Renaissance chronicle is welcome but please inform the ST ahead of the game.
  • Game dates and times are currently highly variable - please contact the ST or our DC for up to date news.
  • Next game will be Sun, Jan 1st, at 3.00 pm GMT/ UK (10:00 am EST)
  • OOC room is #tradewinds-ooc
  • Sheets go to: vst.avignon.masq@gmail.com



Most recent harpy report

Harpy report – Avignon – Meetings of June and July 2016

I hope you will all forgive me if I report on two meetings together – they happened very close together in time…

In mid-June we had our annual treat as Primogen Josefina Thorne invited us to see a play she had put on. It was a most amusing story and, most memorably, depicted a very brave Aviatrix who rescued people from the Nazis. I did wonder whether she was based on me! Or maybe one of the other girls.

Prince Naga made some very important announcements: Martin Julios is our new Sheriff Magdeline Dupont is our new Keeper of Elysium

A pleasant evening was had by all until some of us had to go out and investigate a car that had crashed into the side of the theatre.

We met again last Saturday as we needed to investigate a bakery. So we investigated the bakery. Well, some of us did. Most of the Elders stayed in the Academie garden. We had visitors. A Caitiff called Michael and a Ravnos called Katarina who I think were from Puerto Rico. The Ravnos lady was very proficient at breaking into the bakery and helping us to cover up our presence there. We were honoured by the presence of Elder Wozjak from the United States of America who came with us on our mission to investigate the bakery.

Martin Julios led the mission which I think we can count a success. Although we do not know everything about the bakery, we know a great deal more than we knew before we went!


The News - Events from the Domain

OOC Information on this Wiki is liable to rapid change that may not be updated here as fast as game events.

The Kindred of Avignon

The Prince and Court Officers

Prince: Naga (Nosferatu)
Seneshal: vacant
Sheriff: vacant
Keeper of Elysium: Magdeline Dupont (Toreador)
Harpy: 'Mad' Maxine (Malkavian)

The Elders of Avignon

Taj Makere (Nosferatu)
Edith Boese (Carpathian)
Alessandro Giovanni (Giovanni)

The Primogen Council of Avignon

Taj Makere (Nosferatu)
Josefina "Jodi" Parloni Thorne (Toreador)
Edith Boese (For the non-pillar Clans)
Elder Absalon (Tremere) (NPC)

Others of the Court

Brujah: AJay
Toreador: Josefina "Jodi" Parloni Thorne
Tremere:The Lord Kirkstall
Ventrue:Arnaud Langlois

Regular Visitors

Lukas_Collingwood (Malkavian)
Jack (Toreador)
Vittoria Giovanni (Giovanni)
Penny Dreadful (Nosferatu)


Please make sure to contact a court officer before visiting for the first time, ideally the Primogen. For further guidance please review our court conventions (below).

Places of Avignon


La Maison Jean Vilar aka L'hotel de Cochrans
This former Bishops palace, dating from 1330, now hosts the Maison Jean-Vilar as well as the administration of the Festival d’Avignon. Notable architectural features include the front entryway, decorated by military emblems painted by the famous artist Pierre Mignard, the courtyard and garden facades, classed as historical monuments, and the wrought iron staircase which dominates the wood panelled interior. The collections within mainly derive from the life and career of the theatre director Jean Vilar but also include more than 20,000 works on theatre, opera and dance and the documents of the Festival d’Avignon.

The Louis Vouland Museum
This lovely old city mansion, which opens onto a nice garden, is home to a prestigious collection of decorative arts and furniture the late owner, Louis Vouland, gathered throughout his lifetime, with a distinct taste for the 18th century. It includes dressers, accessory furniture, seats, all signed by the greatest furniture makers during the Louis XV and Louis XVI eras.

Other Places of Note

Academie des Arts D'Avignon
A wonderful building beneath the cathedral, with a very private and secluded formal garden.

Laws of Avignon

Avignon Court Conventions

Court is a place Kindred gather in peace and security no matter whether held on sacred ground or not. Court is a place for Kindred. Court is a place where Kindred must feel safe. Court is a place where that safety and security will be maintained. Court is open to all Kindred who honour these rules and the laws of the Camarilla.
To this end:
All Kindred of good standing and those of a more independent nature willing to abide by the rules below are welcomed. Visitors should contact a Primogen, the Harpy or other appropriate Court Officer. These will be able to advise on finer points and assist in safe travel.
It is not permitted to wear a mortal to Court. It is disrespectful to the offer of safety, it is an act of cowardice, and there is always a risk the mortal might remember something.
The bearing of arms at Court is not normally permitted. Those who think they might have leave to bear arms are advised to seek our guidance first.
Whilst not every court will be held on the Sacred Ground of Elysium, it is not acceptable to attack Kindred at court, or on their way to or from Court.
Court is a place where Kindred can gather safely. Keep it that way.

Elysia are sacred.
Please do not violate Elysia.
With the exception of Obfuscate used only to maintain pleasant company, the use of all disciplines and powers of the blood are prohibited

History of Avignon and the Surrounding Area

Ages Before and The First Anarch Era 1000 - 1309

Roman times
The site of the first Trans Alpine Roman Colony and homelands of the Averi Tribe.
Dark Ages
During and after the fall of the Roman Empire the area suffered badly through repeated invasions.
Middle Ages
Remained relatively small until 1309, growing in the later period due to trade and the bridge.
On Kindred
No significant Camarilla presence until the middle ages due to the isolation and relatively small size of Avignon. During the Middle Ages was considered distant from the cultural and political centres of Spain, Italy and Northern Europe, and generally of little importance.

Time of Ventrue Kings 1309 – 1377

The divided Papacy, 1309 – 1377 (and Late Middle Ages)
Established as a trading city on important roads. Period of significant growth of the city. The divided Papacy essentially being a dispute between the Kings of France and Rome. The Black Death appeared at Avignon in 1348; killing almost two-thirds of the city's population.
On Kindred
Taken from anarchy and held by Ventrue Princes on behalf of Rome.

Of Art and Enlightenment 1309 - 1790

The Renaissance
The significant growth of arts, science and new ideas occurred in Spain, Portugal, Italy, the Low Countries and England. Despite (or maybe because of) the Avignon Papacy the city remain bound to Rome and not part of France until the Revolution. Because of the links to Rome and the importance of the trade routes passing through Avignon the city was far more deeply influenced by the Renaissance than many other cities in what would become France.
On Kindred
The rise of Toreador power, and enlightenment within the city. Growing acceptance of Anarchs into society. Said by some to have been an uneasy alliance and by others to be centuries of greatness.

The Second Anarch Era 1790 - 1875

The Revolution
Civil war took place between revolutionaries and Papists. Barbaric excesses brought about bloody reactions. Order restored under Napoleon as Avignon became part of the French Republic. Formally became part of France in 1791.
The Early Restoration
No longer important as a political entity. Important as a trading city. Gradual decline in importance and prestige.
On Kindred
A bloody coup by Anarchs followed by harsh Anarch rule. A rise in Kindred studying religious matters. Suspected to be supported by the Sabbat.

The Return of the Camarilla 1875 - onwards

The late Restoration
Growth as a Provençal cultural centre.
Headquarters of the 19th German Army and Vichy forces. Suffered significant damage and loss of life from allied bombing.
Modern nights
City restored post WW2. Granted World Heritage status.
On Kindred
Storming of the city in 1875. Restoration of Camarilla rule and order. Defeat of the Enemies of the Camarilla. Routing of Sabbat elements from the city and surrounding area. Prince Zahra Blanc has ruled with her Seneshal as second in command ever since.

About the Domain of Avignon

From the Court

"The Domain is very orderly and this is a good thing." 'Mad' Maxine
"Why are the Giovanni always so keen to visit? What attracts them here? "'Mad' Maxine
"I keep this place quiet. Mess with Avignon, or with the Prince, and you will have me to deal with me" Matthieu Eremit
"If you want to visit from the Americas, I can arrange the formalties with the kine authorities and my prices are very reasonable" 'Mad' Maxine
"Seems like this is the advert page. I can get you a spare bed if you need it. Just leave my stuff alone and we're good, don't get cheaper than that". AJay

From Visitors

"With new blood on the throne, a new leaf of history has been turned to be written upon. With another visit to Avignon, we will see what marks are made." Marcus Fletcher Vizier Assamite
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Contact and OOC Details

Avignon Masquerade games are usually held on a Saturday morning GMT.
Tradewinds games are in the same continuity as MES games and PCs sanctioned in one game may freely travel to the other, with the usual proxy rules applying.
For more information about this game and game rules please visit our Trade Winds Domain Page.
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