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Richard Samson
  • Author of Horror Novels and Short Stories
  • In a relationship with Samatha Walker
  • Lives in Charlotte, NC

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Published Work

Genre - Horror
Azazel, They Blames Me - Book 1 - About a child in an abusive family who as he grows up blocks all the horrible things out only to have them come back to him later in life.
Azazel, Lock Down - Book 2 - About being admitted to a mental institute which is little more than an insane asylum for the mentally ill who cannot function in society.
Azazel, The Search - Book 3 - Finding purpose in life through a mixture of Archaeological digs and raiding tombs.
Azazel, Fear of the Unknown - Book 4 - A book about monsters that prey on mankind that the main character interacts with to varying degrees.
Delve the Depths of the Mind - Short story about a man who goes insane due to influences from an unknown source.
Terror of the Asylum - Short story about a doctor in an Asylum and the horrible things he does to patients under his care.
The All Seeing Eye, Terror of the Asylum part 2 - Short story the Doctor is discovered and has to find a way to cover everything he has done up.
Watched - A short story about beings who exist all around you but you cannot see.
Cat's Eye - A short story about a telepathic house cat which enjoys screwing with people.
Folly - A mix up in paperwork sends a business man to a war torn country where he experiences war first hand and how gruesome it can be. When he returns home things are never the same. A series of short stories.
Analysis of Fear - A series of short stories on various phobias and what it is like experiencing them, from spiders and snakes, to irrational phobias of going outside and having human contact.
Discovery - A short story in the H.P. Lovecraft setting about a young man finding strange symbols, statues, and having dreams that disturbed him. It details his slow decent into madness at the realization that there is truly something out there that cannot be explained, understood, or stopped from any goal it has.

Film and Television Recomendations

  • Your Inner Fish - PBS Television Series. It'll expand your mind on what the body truly is and how you became the way you are today. With DNA, Fossils, and Anatomy you'll learn how humans, Mammals, Reptiles, Amphibians, and Fish have in common. It's more than you think.
  • Alien - The 1979 film Directed by Riddly Scott with Sigourney Weaver. If you haven't seen it, you should, and you'll understand the dangers of the universe just a tad bit better.
  • Firestarter - 1984 film featuring Drew Barrymore. Psychic phenomenon that can start a fire.
  • Suspect Zero - A 2004 film about an FBI agent hunting a serial killer who hunts serial killers. Turns out this Serial killer is psychic.
  • The Shining - A 1980 film. Much like the book, but with a very good cast. This might just give you nightmares.
  • Predator - 1987, a Team of Macho Military men are slaughtered by an Alien hunter. Only one man survives, Dutch, and only survives by killing the monster that by all rights should have killed him. Only by exploiting a weakness in its senses does he get the advantage. A good film, even if it's a bit barbaric in style. A predator of man who can easily kill a human with no effort and with little detection facing off against a man who's will to survive rivals that of the hunter's urge to kill.
  • Godzilla - Since the 1950s until 2014 they have made movies about this gigantic reptile who's intelligent, irritable, and so massive he can lay waste to a city just by walking through it. He faces off against other monsters, all called Kaiju in Japan, and against mankind. However I thoroughly like the concept of Godzilla in the newest iteration of the films. A giant beast who views humans as so insignificant he ignores them and everything they can do. He truly is a God among Kaiju.
  • Star Wars - A trilogy of coming of age films set in a distant galaxy and future. I'd classify it more of a coming to terms with your families dark legacy while traveling around with a wise sage and a space cowboy though.





Favorite Books
Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Tales
Darth Bane Trilogy
Warhammer Horus Heresy Series
Aliens vs Predator: Prey
Predator: Concrete Jungle, and Cold War
Predator: Big Game
Alien: DNA War
The Shining
The Terror
The King in Yellow

Favorite Fictional Characters
Darth Bane
Darth Vader
Garrosh Hellscream
The Joker