Azura Brown

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Character Information
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Bone Gnawers
Changing Breed: Garou
Breed: Homid
Pack: Edge of Midnight
Sept: Sept of The Tor
Rank: Athro
Glory: ••••• •••••
Honor: •••••
Wisdom: ••
Player: Kendra Allen
Storyteller: David Barrett

Character Information

  • Birthday: January 21, 2000
  • Apparent Age: 16
  • Notable Traits: Huge Size
  • Pack and Sept Positions: Omega of Edge of Midnight
Azura Brown.jpeg
Azura is a towering 16 year old, standing at six foot ten. Her body is almost entirly covered in a burn scar. She had long, brown hair that she keeps in a ponytail, except for two pesky strands on either side of her head that never did cooperate; now covered by a black knit beanie. She wears an blue/purple tie-dye, obviously too small crop top and a pair of grey, stylishly ripped jeans. A beautiful rope acts as the belt holding the jeans up; dangling from that is a bright, red sock. Her shoes are ratty and covered in duct tape. On her right hand, is a deep purple, elbow-length, fingerless glove and occasionally wears a long, black, leather coat.

Known History

There are tales of Ahroun having their first change and fighting off their would be attacker.

Azura is not one of these tales.

She had her first change in 2013, frenzying on her kinfolk father over a silly teenage argument. When the rage cleared, there was the mangled corpse of her father on the living room and blood on her hands. Ashamed, confused, and guilty of what had happened and what she had done, Azura ran away from her home and took to living on the streets. She lived on her own for over a month, hitch hiking from city to city, until one day a Bone Gnawer Kinfolk found her and introduced her to the Sept of the Tor.

Deed Names

Hey You: During her Rite of Passage, Azura used this phrase to draw the attention of a gang, then leading them to the target of her challenge. She allowed the two groups to fight and cleaned up the victor.

Killshots the Corrupt: There was no Fostern rank challenge for Azura, she had been battlefield promoted after she willingly joined a group entering the Nightmaster's Tower. It was in there that she managed to strike the killing blow against an Athro Black Spiral Dancer.

Choking Hazard: This deed name was given to Azura after the Manhattan caern raising, during which she jumped into the maw of a thunder wurm.

Adversity's Child: For her Adren challenge, Azura was given the task of challenging the next person of higher rank who disrespected her and best them. Having been overlooked for leading a hunt after being previously promised, Azura challenged the Alpha divvying up the assignments. The name was awarded when the group she led returned successfully from the hunt.

The Hero We Deserve: With the apocalypse beginning and ranks being climbed faster than ever by the nation, Azura asked for an challenge to see if she truly was ready to be a teacher and leader of the Nation. During the challenge, she played it smart; forming two groups, to better fit each portion of handling an urban threat. This is the deed name she was awarded with.


Quotes by Azura or about her

"I name her Fostern. The bitch survived a onslaught from and Elder Get of Fenris Abyssal wolf, and killed an Ahtro Spiral. Go tell the nation! If anyone challenges my decision? I accept and the conditions are death." -Talon of the Rat, Adren Bonegnawer Ahroun

"For the last time Toys, I do not live in a trash can!"

"Though it may seem like Azura is nothing but a daredevil trouble maker. In truth, she knows what she is doing, she just needs to be given the trust. Once she knows she has the trust her sense of responsibility and leadership shines through." - Portia Sangreal


  • She has been cursed with the inability to have an even number of deed names

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Player Information

Player Name: Kendra Allen
Membership Number: US2014120063
Location: Kansas City