B.D. Ravenwood

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Awakening PC

Player: Sara Bryant
Path: Acanthus
Order: Mysterium ••
Legacy: House of Ariadne
Position: Heirarch of Alexandria, VA
Consilium: Alexandria, VA ••••
City: Alexandria, VA
Cabal: HKC
VST: DJ Hicks

Birth Name:

Shadow Name: B.D. Ravenwood

Sleeper Alias:

Offices: Heirarch

Quote: "No...this will turn out fine. I mean...it's gonna be really touch and go and we'll probably be pretty bleedy. But I'm POSITIVE we'll survive it. Why...do you look so upset all of a sudden?"



Character Description



  • She's the luckiest person alive.
    • Seriously, you'd be surprised how many times she's survived near death experiences.
  • BD is Mike's real mother.
  • She has a thing going on with Penny.
  • B.D. is a staunch Catholic.
  • Some of her crazier adventures have involved accidentally becoming a drug mule for a day and a half, getting locked in the vault of her bank, and being kidnapped in China and almost sold for opium.
  • She joined the House of Ariadne on a bet that she'd lose some of her cheery, bubbly disposition. Whoever made that bet lost a fortune.
  • She has a secret addiction: Legend of Zelda games.
  • B.D. is nothing like a staunch catholic, and only pretends to keep her Cabal mate happy.
  • She has a secret plot to take over the world, along with Beckett, and it involves using nothing but flash mobs.
  • B.D. is in a harem.
  • B.D. has a plan. No, really.
  • B.D. is allergic to peanuts, which are also her favorite food. This is how her relationship with fate truly began.
  • She is dating Bodhi Vajra-Kai.
  • B.D. is actually attracted and afraid of Trevor. All because she touched his cane.



  • On the proper use of names...
B.D: "Hey..Hey Trev. Trev. Trev. Hi! Is it OK if I call you Trevor?"
Trevor: "No."
B.D.: "OK. Cool. Thanks, Trev."
  • A great idea she had...that worked!
"I know! Let's use a flashmob!"

OOC Information

Player: Sara Bryant

MES Number: US2004011025

Location: Washington, D.C.