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The History of the Westminster Castle

Constructed by Mortals

Westminster Castle

A prominent New Yorker philanthropist, Henry J. Mayhem, was the first to visualize the concept of a university atop Crown Point, the highest point in what was then Arapahoe County. Upon purchasing a portion of the land, Mayhem convinced Rev. T.H. Hopkins D.D., Presbyterian Church of Denver, that it was an ideal site for a Presbyterian College. Hopkins organized a Board of trustees and incorporated the Westminster University of Colorado, which underwent its initial site designs in 1891. The final design proposal called for the facade of the structure to be made up of red sandstone from what is now the Red Rocks/Manitou area of Colorado.

By 1893 the building was completed, but did not officially opened in 1908. It contained three floors, with parlors, classrooms, and offices. For several years the building would stand in isolation on the open prairie. While woman were admitted when the university opened in 1908, it was soon decided that only men be permitted as students. During World War II the male students were more interested in the military than continuing their education and the school closed its doors. In 1920, Westminster College was purchased by the Pillar of Fire Ministries, which reopened the school the following fall.

Purchased by Kindred

Somewhere in 1950, it was becoming clear that the Lancea Sanctum of Denver Colorado needed a home base of operations. Being the two longest standing member of the Covenant in the area, Cassidy Sullivan and Matthew Abram Voelker took it upon themselves to find a suitable site that both inspired and was far enough out of the way so that they were out of the way of the political and business dealings of the Invictus regime at the time.

Through money, influence, and Matthew's gift of working with people from all walks of life, the two kindred walked away with 45 acres, a power plant, and several houses, dormitories, classrooms and a Castle fit for the Lancea Sanctum.