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The daughter of a good Irish Catholic family, Cassidy was raised on the frontier with Irish and Scottish immigrants who believed in the American dream and making something more of themselves for their families.

Cassidy Sullivan's Timeline

  • 1861 - Cassidy's family emigrates to the United States
  • 1864 - The telegraph becomes part of her family's suvival as the family begins to work on the railroad
  • 1873 - The family moves into Denver
  • 1875 - On March 5th, Colorado becomes a state itn eh Union
  • 1879 - Cassidy makes the fateful move to Leadville CO
  • 1880 - Cass is pushed out of her first job as a telegrapher (primarily for being a woman... with a nasty tongue)
  • 1881 - Cassidy is sired by an Invictus
  • 1882 - Something about a matter of $23...
  • 1885 - Cass travels to Kansas with Khalid Ibn Sahir
  • 1887 - Travels on the railroad to California and meets Lucian de Vermandois
  • 1888 - Meets Dalton Castle and the Gambler

Cassidy finds herself meeting interesting people throughout her Requiem, but Dalton and the Gambler end up being a rather heavy influence on her early on. Perhaps it's where her tolerance for others comes from....

  • 1893 - Moves to Golden,CO and takes a nighttime job at the Opera House
  • 1893 - Sires Ada Sullivan
  • 1894 - Joins the Lancea Sanctum
  • 1895 - Travels to the East Coast
  • 1896 - Returns to Kansas for a while
  • 1900 - Travels to Chicago with Khalid Ibn Sahir

The call of the railroad and expansionism is strong in Cass. She believes in building strong foundations and good relationships - even when they're with people she may not like....

  • 1901 - Travels learning to be a confessor under Florian
  • 1911 - Returns to California to study Theban under Lucian de Vermandois
  • 1915 - Becomes the confessor for Lord Erik Winters
  • 1922 - Moves back into Denver/Golden Meets Matthew Voelker
  • 1925 - Sires Stanley Sullivan
  • 1932 - Sires Brigid Sullivan
  • 1940 - Returns to Chicago to work with the kine for a time and meets Neferu Kaja through similar interests
  • 1944 - Travels to Puerto Rico
  • 1951 - Returns to Denver to open up a church, buying out and taking over the already built landmark know as the Pillar of Fire in Westminster with help from Matthew Voelker
  • 1952 - Becomes the Bishop of Denver

Denver is home for Cass, always has been and it always will be. Even when she leaves for a year here and there - the call of the Rockies always brings her right back to where it all started for her.

  • 1953 - Meets Delaney and is inspired to look into computers
  • 1954 - Heads out to LA to take part in the assault against the Brood
  • 1955 - Returns to Denver
  • 1967 - Cassidy leaves Denver to open up a mission in upstate NY for battered women (mortals) and the new lacrima craze that’s becoming an issue
  • 1968 - Sires Adi Sullivan
  • 1970 - Returns to Denver to retake her position as Bishop
  • 1972 - Meets General Thaddeus Withers at several gatherings in Colorado Springs.

Colorado isn't just a state for Cassidy - it's a family. When the Springs evacuated their population because of the Wolf Wars, Cassidy and her team of Paladins went down to help. Risking life and limb to ensure the more gentile folks escaped - Cassidy feels a sense of responsibility to all cities in Colorado.

  • 1973 - Cass takes part in the evacuation of Colorado Springs nearly ending her own life to help evacuate their citizens
  • 1979 - Meets The Baron in LA while on assignment to help with another Brood Assault
  • 1982 - Meets Joan Black for the first time in Denver, CO
  • 1987 - Brigid Sullivan is killed under mysterious circumstances, Cassidy blames the local Crone Heirophant.
  • 1988 - After the death of the Prince, Cassidy takes Praxis of Denver after the Crone assault various locations around town.
  • 1989 - It's clear she isn't cut out for Prince and hands it off to Ada Sullivan
  • 2013 - Ada Sullivan hands off the Praxis to Hunter Columbine, a member of the Ordo Dracul, Cassidy helps this process occur.
  • 2013 (June) - After the unfortunate passing of Cardinal Maria Isabella Castilleja, Cassidy is elected through Synod at the Crucible gathering as the new Cardinal of the North Central Region.