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  • "No Sophie, you cannot open a meth lab." - Cassidy
  • "I really don't think I'm the sort of woman you want to make angry." - Cassidy
  • "Again Bishop, I find myself standing between you and the tide." -General Thaddeus Withers
  • "She is less than quiet." - A particularly soft-spoken Mekhet on Cassidy.
  • "Cassidy is an excellent sort, easy to get along and a fine Bishop. I'd follow her to the gates of hell. That's a good thing, since we already bought our tickets." - Matthew Abram Voelker
  • "No. I am not a particularly devout kindred, but there are few that live that I respect as I respect her. They make her an enemy at their own peril." - Khalid Ibn Sahir At someone asking about Cassidy.
  • "She didn't bitch or whine like most of the soft ass theistic vampires. Took it calm and crushed back. A suitably old fashioned way of taking a quick measure of someone." - Grasshopper
  • "Not the lady to mess with on any occasion. She has my ear and I have hers." - Lief Ragnarsen
  • "She has wonderful potential for greatness and for sticking her foot in her mouth. I will, quite equally, enjoy watching and reporting on either." - Damien Mastersen
  • "I don't want to have sex with her, Cass. I want to have sex with you. Wait, where are you going?" - Oral Wright
  • "HERR WRIGHT! What is Ms. Sullivan's proper title?" "Cardinal, sir." "Correct. And as she is a Cardinal, she is entitled to be addressed as what?" "Her Eminence, sir." "Correct - now tell me, what part of 'Her Eminence' includes the word TITS?" - An exchange between Czesare Dragos and Oral Wright after Oral made a rude remark about the Cardinal's chest at a recent gathering.
  • "You would know of Cardinal Sullivan, yes? She is the bright sun in an otherwise dreary night. Her eyes seem full of an energy and mirth rarely known among our kind, and whose vibrant smile is but a promise of mischief and pleasures best left unspoken of in polite company. Of course, she is a Mekhet, so such a ruse must be difficult indeed for her to maintain - I have to wonder what sort of game she is playing at?" - Czesare Dragos
  • "Her Eminence is a ... unique ... holder of the title of Cardinal. I have encountered many Kindred in my years, and none have equaled her exuberance for pursuing the enemies of her covenant. The question is never 'Will the Cardinal and her congregation track down and destroy anything that crosses them?'. Instead it is 'Who has crossed them?'" - Alexander Harland instructing a newcomer in the local Sanctified situation
  • "Cardinal Sullivan and I understand each other, if it weren't for the Theology differences we'd even be friends. As it is, if I must deal with a Sanctified Cardinal, I prefer it be her." - Sara Kuar, Hierophant of Phoenix.


What terrible things have you heard?

  • Cassidy has Carthian leanings
  • She has a weird fetish for Ordo Dracul