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Character Information

Changeling PC

Player: Robert P.
Character: Backslash
Seeming: Elemental
Kith: Levenquick
Court: Winter
Freehold: Congress of Oddfellows
VST: Cris Picado

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Name: Backslash

Seeming: Elemental

Kith: Levenquick

Court: Winter [Mantle 4]

Motley: The Kinder Brigade

Title or Position: Lord of Echoes

Physical Description

Mask: A down on his luck teenager or 20 something with the perpetual hoodie.

Mien: Skin is a cool blue with light blue veins of electricity running through the skin.

Mantle: The whir, hum and cool, lonely chill of a server room.

Clothing: Always wears a hoodie, preferably one that he can draw rapidly closed if girls talk to him.


  • Backslash is a virgin.
  • Backslash is an avid MMO enthusiast and invented Mountain Dew Code Red, Pitch Black, Live Wire, Supernova and Baja Blast
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OOC Information

Player: Robert P.

MES Number: US2002023582

Location: Washington, D.C.