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You've probably been there. You've listened to someone explain a battle plan, a tactic, and a little voice in the back of your head went "But wouldn't it be funnier if we..." Or maybe it was "I wonder what would happen if we..."

Probably you didn't mention it out loud. Probably you're smarter than that.

We not only thought that thought, we followed through with it.


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Tom Noir

Uriel Parish
Chuckles with Mirth
Please feel free to add yourself.

Temporary Members
A.K.A. I did something once, and I'm never doing it again. I hope...
Beth Stonecrusher
Please feel free to add yourself.

Those Who Come Along For The Ride and/or Occasionally Save Our Asses
Naveed a.k.a. She who keeps us from eating Abominations
Eric Barrett a.k.a. He who bails us out of jail... with muffins!

Honorable Mentions
You did something so very us, that we have to give you props, dude.
Jacob of The Third Lantern
Jason Harvick


Bad Decision Theater was definitely founded in Boston's Third Lantern Cell. Maybe it predates Twice-Spun deciding to fix a magic pocketwatch with time magic. It might have started before Dani decided to help pickpocket a were-tiger.

Since then, we've been branching out, expanding our circle to include other like-minded folk. Join us. It isn't always an easy ride.

But the stories are worth it.

Notable Exploits

  • Forgot to knock on a door. Walked through said door. The person was home.
  • Shook hands with a Servant. Yes, we knew it was a Servant.
  • Field Trip! Let's go exploring!!

Wait, that would mean that we plan this nonsense, wouldn't it?

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  • "Oops..."
  • "Is this our sort of Bad Idea, or an actual bad idea?" - Dani contemplating crossing a river in the Underworld
  • "No, no. It will probably end up with somebody on fire. Let them do it, I want to watch." -Chris Robinson
  • Feel free to add your own...

  • Sometimes our stupid plans actually work.
  • Actually, our Clarity is decently high...
  • May or may not have pissed off a servant Mummy, then laughed in its face.
  • Fireworks are always a good distraction
  • BDT was made in order to troll F1R3W@LL. It is super effective.