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Dead This character is dead. Any further communication should be with the VST.

"You wouldn't know the Truth if it smacked you in the face!" *Gets smacked in the face* "Ow.... Now THAT was the Truth."

- Badvila

Character Information


Full Name: Badvila Jerome Pure
Creature Type: Cahalith Iron Master Werewolf
Concept: Storyteller and Researcher
Order: Iron Masters
Personality: Badvila is a no-nonsense guy just looking to keep the bad guys in their place.
Description: Badvila is an average looking man around 28 years of age. He has thick, orange hair and eyes and is usually dressed in dress pants and a button down..
Nationality: American Born born Caucasian

  • "Okami"
  • "Ruv"
  • "Pure"

Notable Traits

  • Doesn't care
  • Generally quiet
  • Quite friendly
  • Left handed
  • Scar on his right arm just below the elbow.
  • Bright, Emerald Green Eyes Q(Accord)

Operational Badges

Project Aurora: Chattanooga, Tennessee

Where He Was

  • 1988: Born in Phoenix, Arizona
  • 2000: Starts high school.
  • 2003: Graduates high school early and starts At the University of Pheonix
  • 2007: May: First Changed under the Gibbous Moon, Met and Taken in by Kyra
  • 2007: December 24th: He was hunted by a Pure Destroyer Wolf and takes it down. Claims Deed Name 'Pure Hunter'.
  • 2008: Graduated University of Phoenix, majoring in Physics
  • 2009: Pure Tribes Encroach on the Pack territory. To ensure his safety, Kyra exiles him.
  • 2010: August: Hunted and captured by Malleus. After a month in custody was freed by Mike_McConnell.
  • 2011: May: Arrives in New York tracking a Pure Servant, Meets Dea and the two become fast friends. She Introduces him to Gaff_Hook and the two of them Induct him into the Accord and Rattle_Watch.
  • 2011: August: Saves Julie With Dea and Endless and introduces her with their help to the accord. During the fighting, His arm gets stripped of all flesh
  • 2012: August: Moves from Rattle Watch to the Southern Chobu cell in Tokyo.
  • 2013: October: Arrives in San Juan, Puerto Rico looking for Dea
  • 2013: November: Attends a guest lecture in X -loc, meets Mietta de la Motte. Something happens and he brings her into the Accord.
  • 2013: December: Started Dating Luna
  • 2014: January: Participated in the slaying of Puck in Chattanooga
  • 2014: Febuary: Guardian and War Leader of Tokyo Cell
  • 2014: March: Died in Houston, Texas


  • Has repeatedly spurned Dea's attempts to get in his pants, and no one is quite sure why.
  • Badvila is one of the few men Dea Tacita has brought to meet her dad. And the only one to have not run away screaming.
  • The wheelchair is just for sympathy. He really is a famous track star called George Casno. He just dies his hair before he goes out in public.
  • Badvila and Julian are the reason you dont let geeks converge on one point. They get Ideas.
  • Badvila and Mike seem like enemies at first sight, but after a single chopper ride....

Known Associates

  • Dea Tacita - "Something's happened. We aren't as close as we once were. I long for the old days."
  • Kyra- "She was my Alpha. She sent me away for my own safety. I hope we can close the rift we once had."
  • Marcus_Jackson - "He is the Banana Man"
  • Julian_Silvasi - "He's the reason we don't exactly hang out. Too alike for most people to see."
  • Destyni - "I would give my life for her, in a heartbeat. But something's missing."
  • Mike_McConnell - "What happens in the chopper, stays in the chopper. He's my favorite Non-Hunter."
  • Gaff_Hook - "The night she left I asked him to court her. I didn't know what I'd stepped into."
  • Mietta de la Motte - "I brought her in to the Accord, she's like the little sister I never wanted."
  • Julie_Carter - "I saved her from being abomination chow, then she shoved a gun in my face."




  • "Dea you say? The ends of the earth isn't half as far as Ill go for her. You harm one hair on her, there are about sixteen ways that I know to dismember a body with them still alive. I'm looking for number seventeen" - About Dea_Tacita
  • "You could say it. I care about someone, alot. And I would go to the ends of the earth for her. If only she'd realize how deep my feelings for her actually went." - To Mike McConnell
  • "I need you, like a drowning man needs air, giving up everything he has in the world for just one more breath."
  • "I cant say anything right around her." - About Icarus
  • "When I met Julie, she was the scared wolf blood who thought I was going to take advantage of her. I'm glad to see her become such a strong woman."
  • "Dea and I were close. There was, once upon a time, no doubt that I would give my life for her. Sometimes, it's sad to say it but too much time has passed with what I've seen. Will it change how I feel? Probably not, but I'll do what I need to do."


  • "Badvila has saved my life more times than I care to count. If it weren't for him, I'd be rotting in a ditch somewhere a hundred times over. I trust him with my life, and out of everyone in the Accord, he's probably the one who knows me best. I would go to the ends of the earth for him, and I gladly die, if it meant that he didn't have to...and he would do the same for me." - Dea Tacita
  • "I wish I could tell him how much I really care about him. And I wish that he'd believe me." - Dea Tacita
  • "Badvila was one of the first shifters I met within the Accord, or outside of it for that matter, I was rather certain that he wasn't a sorcerer that had asked a demon into his skin, he seems rather more respectable than that, and he's a pretty remarkable individual" - Mike McConnell
  • "You've always been like a big brother to me. Thank you. And every bit a pain in my ass." - Kyra
  • "He's my brother....the kind that is not from the same mother... or something like that." - Kyra
  • "He keeps looking at me funny...Why is he doing that? I just wanted to eat my sandwich in piece." - Marcus Jackson
  • "Badvila thinks like a scientist, for which I am glad. There are not enough of his sort in life." - Dr. Julian Silvasi
  • "His treatment appears to be working. I believe if we continue those treatments he will be walking again in no time." Destyni
  • "Bad's earnest, and he wants to improve himself - I respect that a lot. I hope for his sanity's sake that he can stop tripping over his heart, though." Julie Carter
  • "That furry sum bitch might not look like much up front , but he help put foot to ass on puck. for that he has my thanks." Sam Roland Hain
  • "I don't know him well, but he almost died for me. I'll repay the favor one day." Aurora Coventry
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  • "Stop focusing on your failures when your successes are right here beside you. You've earned each and every renown on you through a great deed. I still need you, and I need you the best you can be." - To Kyra
  • "You will, my friend. You will one day find the Man, or Woman, who you will find makes the time for you. I was lucky enough to find her."

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OOC Information

  • Player: Dwayne Beveridge
  • IRC Nick:
  • Member ID: CA2012011401
  • Member Class: 2
  • Domain: Virtual Accord Tokyo
  • Location: Hamilton, Ontario
  • VST: Virtual ST
  • Model Credit: